$2 Sign Up Bonus + Free Gift Cards for Groceries

$2 Sign Up Bonus + Free Gift Cards for Groceries

$2 Sign Up Bonus + Free Gift Cards for Groceries

If you love getting free gift cards, then don’t miss this one! Because you can earn free Amazon gift cards and others just by telling your friends and by shopping. For example, if you buy any of the 65 brands I’ve listed below, then you’ll earn 5% back. These are household name brands too, such as Barilla, Beyond Meat, and Bob’s Red Mill, to name a few. Then, redeem your earnings for gift cards of your choice. You can cash out with just $5 for gift cards such as Amazon, Target, and Walmart. It’s easy!

How to Get Your Signup Bonus

To get your 2,000 point signup bonus, grab the app and enter code G1E0N5 during signup.

Hi! I use the Merryfield app to earn free gift cards just for shopping better-for-you brands. And now you can, too! Simply download the app, and be sure to enter my unique code G1E0N5 when you sign up. (Heads up! Make sure to paste the code since clicking the link alone won’t work.) When you submit your first receipt, you’ll get 2,000 points (or $2 back) and so will I. Yay! Check it out here and use code G1E0N5.

How Merryfield app works

Earn points every time your grocery receipt has any products from any of these participating better-for-you brands. We call this Everyday Rewards. Look for Special Offers to earn even more points!

The Merryfield app is co-founded by actress, Zooey Deschanel, who I personally loved in New Girl! She’s an advocate for doing good things both in her character, Jessica Day, and in real life.

Once you submit your first receipt, you’ll be rewarded with a 2,000 signup bonus (if you signed up with a referral code).

What are referral freebies?

Referral freebies are awesome! You get more stuff, and it’s usually more valuable stuff. You just have to do a little work. Unlike easy freebies, these are not small! And, unlike product tests or sweepstakes, you don’t have to be lucky enough or fit the right profile to be picked.

In this case, you actually get valuable gift cards for telling your friends AND they get a signup bonus. In order to get the 2,000 signup bonus you will need to use a referral link and submit a receipt. Mine is linked above, or feel free to find one in our referral group.

Feel free to share YOUR links to get more signups, so you can get this too! Share your link in our Refer Friends & Get Free Stuff! Share Your Links HERE Facebook group

Which Brands are Rewarded on Merryfield App?

Get at least 5% back every time your receipt includes any of the better-for-you brands on their app.

With the Merryfield app, you’ll earn 5% cash back each time your grocery receipt includes any product from more than 50 participating better-for-you brands. As of now, these brands include:

  1. A Dozen Cousins
  2. Alaffia
  3. Amy’s Kitchen
  4. Applegate
  5. Barilla
  6. Beyond Meat
  7. Bob’s Red Mill
  8. Califia Farms
  9. Canyon Bakehouse
  10. Cerebelly
  11. Chosen Foods
  12. Country Archer
  13. Crofter’s Organic
  14. Crunchmaster®
  15. DAIYA
  16. Dave’s Killer Bread
  17. Earthbound Farm Organic
  18. ECOS®
  19. EO
  20. Everyone
  21. GoMacr
  22. Good Culture
  23. Hand in Hand
  24. Harmless Harvest
  25. Health-Ade
  26. Hello Bello
  27. Hilary’s
  28. Hu
  29. JUST Egg
  30. JUSTIN’S®
  31. LesserEvil
  32. Love Beets
  33. Lundberg Family Farms
  34. Maria and Ricardo’s
  35. NadaMoo!
  36. Nasoya
  37. Nellie’s Free Range
  38. OLIPOP
  39. Once Upon A Farm
  40. Orgain
  41. Organic Valley
  42. Partake
  43. Perfect Bar
  44. Pete & Gerry’s
  45. Plum Organics
  46. Prima
  48. Quinn
  49. Rao’s Homemade
  50. RightRice
  51. Ripple
  52. Saffron Road
  53. SmartSweets
  54. Stonyfield Organic
  55. Suja
  56. The Honest Company
  57. Tolerant
  58. Type:A
  59. Uncle Matt’s Organic
  60. Vital Farms
  61. Vital Proteins
  62. Wasa
  63. Wild Planet
  64. Wholesome
  65. Wildwood

Of course, they’re adding more all the time.

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