20|20 Panel – Scam or Legit? Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

20|20 Panel - Scam or Legit? Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

20|20 Panel – Scam or Legit? Get Paid to Share Your Opinion

Today we’ll look at 20|20 Panel – Scam or Legit? Where you can allegedly get paid to share your opinion. Our readers ask us all the time to investigate opinion panels that claim to pay for sharing your opinion. There are so many scams online these days, that it’s a full-time job trying to sort out the legit ones! We have a whole category of legit survey sites we recommend. And, we looked into 20|20 Panel to see if they were legitimate and if they actually pay well.

20|20 Panel – Scam or Legit

Unlike some survey panels, 2020 is definitely legit. They have very high paying surveys, but they are very selective. In other words, not everyone will qualify for every survey. They don’t have a lot of surveys, but those they have are very high paying. Typically they pay $50 or higher. We’ve even seen 2020 surveys pay $200 or more!

How it works

First, register with 20|20 Panel, and they’ll contact you about future online research studies. Then, if you qualify, you’ll get paid once you complete the study. They’re known for paying $50+ for their surveys.

In short, you can Register here.

Note: US only.

About 2020 Panel

It takes only a few minutes to register as a panel member! Once we have your information we will contact you by email or phone to let you know about upcoming research studies. You will be asked some survey questions to help determine if a study is a right fit for your profile. You don’t have to respond to every survey, but this is the first step to being considered for a research study. A recruiter will let you know by phone if you will be scheduled for a study.

20|20 is a worldwide leader in traditional and online qualitative research. Since our founding in 1986, 20/20 has been dedicated to research excellence.

At 2020, our goal is to make information and insights easy and meaningful for our clients. We do this by focusing our unique combination of research expertise, customer-centered service, innovative technology and respondent access on meeting our clients’ goals.  We help our clients access information and insights that are fast to obtain, simple to understand, compelling to share and impactful for business.

Our qualitative facilities in Nashville, Charlotte and Miami are annually “Top Rated” by our clients in both industry surveys and our own satisfaction surveys.

Our technology platforms, including QualBoard and QualMeeting, are among the most widely used in the world and feature a wide array of capabilities not available on any other platform.

In 2016, 20|20 acquired iModerate (www.imoderate.com), a pioneer in additional digital research techniques and advanced text analytics, further expanding the depth of research techniques and tools the company offers.

Today, 20\20 is considered one of the most innovative and technologically advanced firms in the industry. Even so, we never forget our roots of service to our clients, our high standard of treatment for our panelists and dedication to the practice of excellence in research. That is why, at 20|20, we are Helping You Do Better Research.


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