8 Cheaper Alternatives to American Girl Dolls, Clothes, Furniture & More

8 Cheaper Alternatives to American Girl Dolls, Clothes, Furniture & More

If you’re looking for ways to save money on American Girl dolls, clothes, accessories, games and furniture, then I have a great list for you! Don’t pay more! Get your 18″ doll outfitted on the cheap! One of my wonderful readers asked for recommendations for American Girl doll furniture, and alternatives on how to spend less money on less expensive 18″ doll brands.

Here are 8 great alternatives to American Girl dolls and all her accessories:

  1. What a Doll (Madame Alexandra)
  2. My Life dolls
  3. Our Generation dolls
  4. Dollie and Me
  5. Madame Alexandra
  6. Springfield Collection
  7. Hearts for Hearts dolls

Where to Find American Girl Alternatives

  1. Kmart has What a Doll (Madame Alexandra)
  2. Walmart My Life dolls
  3. Target sells Our Generation dolls
  4. Kohl’s sells Dollie and Me
  5. You can also find Madame Alexandra on their website
  6. Springfield Collection is at JoAnn Fabrics
  7. Hearts for Hearts dolls are on Amazon

I made this list for one lovely reader who asked, and wanted to share it with you too! Whether you’re looking for My Life doll clothes, cheap dolls, or cute accessories such as bunk beds, pets, clothes storage, household essentials, or handicap accessible medical equipment for 18 inch dolls, be sure to check out the options we’ve found!

American Girl Doll Alternatives

My daughter got her American Girl for a Christmas gift a few years ago.  I bought her Marie Grace on clearance, and was thrilled to save a ton of money.  It’s actually rare to save that much. And they’re expensive! Sure, they’re high quality, but I’m not sure if that truly mattered to my 7-year old.

The point is: you can save money and still get nice (and fun!) stuff. Then, her friend gave her a My Life doll for her birthday a few weeks later. Now, stocked with two 18″ dolls, we instantly had a rivalry between affordable and high quality. In reviewing both, I admit the American Girl doll is higher quality. Her hair is the most noticeably “better” thing. At first they seemed similar. But after a few years, Marie Grace’s hair is smoother and less frizzy. The My Life doll is not terrible though, and can be brushed out smooth using our easy, cheap doll conditioner recipe (approximately 1/4 cup fabric softener diluted in 1 quart water, spray on and work through doll hair).

A while after that I found another deal, but this wasn’t on 18″ dolls. I found a miniature version of American Girl that came with a book. It was on clearance! It’s another option to save money that you shouldn’t rule out.

American Girl Doll Clothes & Accessories Alternatives

Doll clothes, furniture and accessories are another thing! American Girl is known for quality and high price, and everything that goes with the dolls is no exception. The off-brand 18″ doll accessories are just as fun to play with, according to my now-10-year old. And frankly, the off brands are less expensive.  Is cheaper better?  Only you can decide that, but brand loyalty might be more of an adult thing.

8 Cheaper Alternatives to American Girl Dolls, Clothes, Furniture & More

American Girl Doll Furniture Alternatives

One of my daughter’s favorite pieces of American Girl-type furniture is the wardrobe that her Uncle Joe and Aunt Laurie made for her. My sister saw a little unwanted cupboard was on the curb down the street from their house, and rescued it from the trash truck. Her husband restored, painted and added a lovely handle to it. Then they had vinyl lettering made with her name and added to the top. He even built pint-size hangers, perfectly sized for 18″ doll clothes!  It’s amazing what a guy with a Tig welder can do!  But, even if you don’t have an Uncle Joe, you can still get nice doll furniture without paying a fortune for name brand.


What do you think? Is price more important than quality when it comes to otherwise similar toys?


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