About Us

About Us

I’m Wendy (aka Gimmie). I started GimmieFreebies on March 7, 2010, which evolved into several other sites: FreeBFinder.com, GimmieRecipes.com, GiftGuid.es (formerly GimmieReviews), and DiscountEmpire.net.  I’ve met so many wonderful freebie hunters, some of whom help me find great deals for you.  They are amazing people who also have full lives, families, and happen to be bloggers who love freebies and great deals.  I’ve come to call many of them friends.

I’m a work-at-home mom with two stepsons in their 30s, and one very active teenager.  Several years ago, I moved back home to Wisconsin with my husband and little girl. After living in SoCal for years, we were eager to slow down the pace, be near my family and enjoy our family’s cabin.

It all started when my hubby suddenly became very sick more than 10 years ago. Without his income, I found myself in a scary place and the burden seemed unbearable. I founded this website on a whim and a shoestring, hoping to figure out how to reach freebie fans who shared my interest in saving money.  And then you found me.  Now I get to interact with fellow freebie lovers every day, and I’m reminded why I do all this – it’s all you, honey.  I have met so many incredible people by doing this; I didn’t realize how great the fringe benefits would be!  Helping others save money and get free stuff is so personally satisfying, it feels like I was born to do this.

I started this blog because I was so tired of misleading freebies that so many of the “Top” freebie sites post.  They’re the kind you have to complete offers to get a free tic tac (lol), and you still don’t get anything free after signing your life away. And inevitably you’ll forget to cancel the trial memberships you just got to get your free tic tac, so you actually wind up spending money.  Who wants to do that?!

Don’t miss The Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid ~ a comprehensive list of all the free samples and free items you do NOT want to request. They are scams, and they could spam you, steal your identity or load bad stuff on your computer.

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