Free Adventures in Parenting Book + Free Shipping

Free Adventures in Parenting Book + Free Shipping

Check out this awesome free book, Adventures in Parenting, that the US Department of Health and Human Services will send you totally free!

What’s in this Free Book?

This advice is based on decades of NICHD research on parenting.  The 62-page booklet gives parents the tools they need to make their own decisions about successful parenting. The booklet provides real-world examples and stories about how some families include responding, preventing, monitoring, modeling, and mentoring in their own daily parenting activities.

As parents, we have the most important job in the world. There is nothing we do in our lifetimes that is more significant than how we raise our children. It’s a challenging, full time job that lasts throughout our lives, no matter how old our children get. While parenting presents us with struggles and trials, it also offers us many rewards. Those rewards, too, can last through our lives.

This book addresses certain struggles and trials of parenting and highlights some of its many rewards. The information is based on decades of research on parenting, as well as the experiences of actual parents and experts in parenting. The book is designed for parents of every background, from first time parents to grandparents, so that any one who interacts with children can benefit from this valuable information.

Parenting is not only vital to our present, but also to our future, as our children themselves become parents. Raising children is an adventure, full of surprises and changes. I hope that this information helps you to shape your own parenting practices and beliefs, as you embark on your own parenting adventure.

This booklet describes how parents can respond, prevent, monitor, model and mentor. This will help them successfully raise children from birth to age 14.

If you or someone you know has kids, then don’t miss this free Adventures in Parenting book!

You can either read this instantly in PDF or webpage format – OR you can add it to your cart and have them mail it to you for free!

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