Carry-On Bag Class Action Settlement, Claim with No Receipts!

Carry-On Bag Class Action Settlement, Claim with No Receipts!

Have you ever flown on a plane with a carry-on bag? If so, listen up! There’s been a big settlement for people who’ve flown on certain airlines with a carry-on bag. This means that if you’ve flown on American, Delta, United, Continental, or US Airways between 2011 and 2018, you might be able to get some money back!

The settlement is called the “Carry-On Baggage Settlement” and it’s for people who had to pay a fee for their carry-on bag when they believe they shouldn’t have.

The best part is that you don’t even need a receipt to make a claim! All you have to do is fill out a form online or through the mail.

The settlement is known as Cox v. Spirit Airlines Inc., Case No. 1:17-CV-5172-EK-VMS, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York

There is also a different airfare price-fixing class action lawsuit against the five largest domestic airlines: American, Delta, Southwest, United, and Continental.

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How do I file a claim?

Head on over to the website, where you can learn more and file a claim. You can file online with or without a unique ID, and you can also file by mail.

What’s this settlement about?

In 2017, some people sued Spirit Airlines because they said Spirit broke a promise. These people (the plaintiffs) bought a plane ticket from Spirit through a website, and they thought they could bring a bag on the plane without paying more money. But then Spirit made them pay extra for the bag. The people said Spirit didn’t keep their promise. But Spirit Airlines says they did nothing wrong.

Who is eligible for a refund?

Is a receipt required?

Proof of purchase is not required. However, if you have receipts, you may be able to claim more.

How much will I get back?

Spirit Airlines has agreed to pay up to $8.25 million to settle a lawsuit. If the settlement is approved, claimants who are eligible will be reimbursed up to 75% of the carry-on bag fee they paid for their first Spirit flight within a specific time frame. The percentage of the fee paid that you can receive back depends on the amount approved for attorneys’ fees, reimbursement of expenses, and service awards, as well as the number of valid claims submitted. If approved by the Court, Spirit will pay up to $8.25 million (the “Settlement Fund”) to settle this lawsuit. Claimants who submit a valid Claim Form will receive up to 75% of the carry-on bag fee paid for their first Spirit flight during the relevant period. The actual percentage of the fee paid that will be reimbursed depends on the amount of Court-approved payments for attorneys’ fees and reimbursement of expenses and service awards to the named plaintiffs, as well as the number of timely and valid claims submitted.

What’s the deadline to file a claim?

January 10, 2024

Understanding Class Action Lawsuits: What You Need to Know

A class action lawsuit involves multiple plaintiffs, meaning that more than one person is represented by the case. These plaintiffs file the lawsuit on behalf of others who were affected but are not directly involved in the case. For example, if you purchased a product that was later involved in a class action lawsuit, you may be eligible for compensation. However, each case is unique, and the eligibility criteria varies. It is important to note that class action lawsuits may require evidence that you are part of the affected group. This could include proof of purchase or other forms of documentation. In some cases, no evidence is required, but filing a claim under false pretenses is illegal. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements before filing a claim.

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