Current Cash App Boosts – Save up to 100% on Grocery, 7-Eleven, Starbucks & More

Current Cash App Boosts – Save up to 100% on Grocery, 7-Eleven, Starbucks & More

Often, our readers ask us to deep dive into offers that seem too good to be true. Those often include referral freebies – especially if you’re offered bonus start up cash such as Cash App. Because, the lure of making easy money online often motivates people to actively share their links. And, sometimes that looks like Spam. The good news is, Cash App, formerly Square Cash, is totally legit. Read on to learn why it’s legitimate,

How Do I Actually Get Free Money for Signing Up?

Signing up is simple. You will need a referral link to get the sign up bonus cash.

  1. Sign up for Cash App
  2. Download the app and complete your registration.
  3. Optionally, order your free CashApp debit card (you can also design a card for $5 if you want)
  4. Profit!

What is Cash App?

The Cash app is a mobile payment application for iOS, Android and other platforms, that’s developed by Square. Of course, Square has been around for many years and is also 100% legitimate. You can use Cash App much like you can use Paypal and Venmo: to send money to other Cash app users, and to pay in store and online with their debit card which you’ll get free of charge.

Cash App Referral Program

Refer friends to Cash App and your friends will get $5 sign up bonus cash, plus you will also get paid! Right now the referral bounty is $15 per referral.

So, is Cash App Legit?

Yes, Cash App is absolutely legitimate. When you sign up with a referral code, you’ll get sign up bonus cash. Typically, unless they’re running a special, that is $5 for new sign ups.

Cash App No Fees

Why Cash App? Boosts! Easy Coupon Savings

Why Cash App debit card? If you’re like me, you probably already use a credit card to buy everything with cash rewards and percentages back. Not to mention the protection of using a credit card from things like identity theft and in some cases, extra layers of warranties. So, why would you switch to a debit card? The answer: Boosts.

Boosts are Cash App’s version of coupons. You can use Boosts to save up to 100% on a variety of things. For example, you can save 10% at any grocery store! Or, save 10% off your total bill at any restaurant and get paid in Bitcoin! Check them all out!

How do I find Cash App Boosts?

  1. Sign up for Cash App if you haven’t already
  2. Open the Cash App
  3. Tap the Cash Card icon (on iOS it’s at the bottom of screen, looks like a box with a box inside of it)
  4. Tap Save with Boost

TIP: Some stores such as Dollar General, grocery stores, etc., run gift card promotions – especially during the Holidays, so buying a gift card with your Cash debit card can save you even more money!

List of New & Current Cash App Boosts

Cash App Boosts vary by account. Some require that you use your Cash debit card a specified number of times, and others vary by account. I’m including new Cash Boosts here, along with expiration dates when available.

Keep in mind, not every account will have every Boost offer!


What are referral freebies?

Referral freebies are awesome! You get more stuff, and more valuable stuff. You just have to do a little work. Unlike easy freebies, these are not small samples! And, unlike product tests or sweepstakes, you don’t have to be lucky enough or fit the right profile to be picked.

So, your destiny is in your hands! That’s why I love these! 🙂

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