Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping

Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping

Free Year of Golf Magazine Subscription + Free Shipping

Do you golf or know someone who does? I’m not an avid golfer, but I do think it’s fun to go golfing. The last time I went was last summer for a charity golf tournament with a Caddyshack theme. It was so much fun! My friend and I wore matching outfits. Some dressed as Bill Murray’s character, the caddies, the professor, and of course Rodney Dangerfield’s character. All that wild 70s bell bottoms, polyester, and vibrant-colored golf shirts. There were some really clever costumes!

Probably my favorite part of golfing is the golf cart, although then I feel guilty that I’m not exercising by walking the course. Still, it’s fun to drive that little cart around!

This tournament was a fundraiser, and it was also an adult version with grown-up beverages, so our games definitely were not on par! (Pun intended!) As a matter of fact, we totally missed the last hole and didn’t even realize it until we were in the clubhouse. See, at a fun tournament like this, they have all these funny things you have to do before each hole. It’s distracting! For example, we would have to roll dice to see where tee off was. On one hole we all hit the ball but only the one that went farthest counted; and that’s where we all took our next shot at our golf ball. It made it a lot more fun for those who weren’t avid golfers.

We also started on the 4th hole, so it’s not like it was obvious that we completed 9 holes at the 9th green. If that sounds like an excuse, it just might be! Our partners were not as amused as we were. Ha, ha, ha!

So, whether you’re a golfer or just like to have fun golfing, you can head on over and claim your FREE 1-year subscription to Golf Magazine.

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What is Golf Magazine About?

While I’m not an avid golfer, I do like to golf. My husband is much more interested in the actual game of golf, the sport of golfing, and the celebrities who play golf, such as Stephen Curry, Travis Kelce, and Charles Barkley. And the golfers who have found celebrity because they play golf. For example, Rory McIlroy, John Rahm, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and more.

So, if you’d like to learn more about the game, learn how to improve your swing, or which equipment to get, then this Golf Magazine is probably a freebie you’ll want to get!

Golf Magazine is the number one source for golf instruction, equipment and travel, including: exclusive instruction from our Top 100 Teachers in America, introspective interviews with the game’s rising stars and old masters, and short-game tips from guru David Pelz.

Plus, you’ll get the latest in gear, including ClubTest equipment reviews, and private lessons, tips personalized for your game. Order your complimentary 1-year subscription (a $10 value) today.

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While this offer is completely free, it’s interesting to note what it costs if you bought it. Compare to the cover price on Amazon!

Golfweek cover price $91.30 – Golfweek subscriptions are $24.95 and include 4 print editions in a 12-month period.

Golf Magazine cover price: $79 – a year subscription (a $79 newsstand value!) to GOLF Magazine.

Golf Digest cover price: $47.88

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