Do You Donate to Thrift Stores? Avoid this $500 Mistake!

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Do You Donate to Thrift Stores? Avoid this $500 Mistake!

Do You Donate to Thrift Stores? Avoid this $500 Mistake!

If you donate your stuff to thrift store charities such as Goodwill, then don’t make this expensive mistake! Because many people don’t realize How Much are My Donations Worth?
Don’t sell yourself short! In other words, your unwanted items could be worth much more than you think. The best way to value these items is through a free service called Its Deductible. So, don’t donate to thrift stores without it!

One bag of clothes could be valued at $500 or more!

How it works

First, get signed up for the free version of Its Deductible at this link.

Then, see what your stuff is worth! Be sure to get every dollar you deserve when you donate your stuff to charity. Even if it’s not something you want or need anymore. That doesn’t mean it has no value!  How Much are Non-Cash, Charitable Donations Worth? I was shocked at how fast it adds up and makes a really nice write-off!

After that, be sure to find all of the deductions you are entitled to and get the most back when you file. Just look under the Tools & Tips > Track my Donations to find the free Its Deductible app.

Finally, remember that many stores will also give you a great coupon for donating. So, you can save even more!

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