Donate Your Expired Coupons to the Troops

Donate Your Expired Coupons to the Troops!

If you’re like me, you love coupons but inevitably many of them expire before you can use them.  Or, maybe they’re for products you’re just not interested in buying.  Either way, the lingering question remains – what can I do with my expired coupons? Well, why not donate them to the military?

Before you ship your coupons, know that some stores take coupons past their expiration date. So, you may be able to use expired coupons. Examples of stores that may accept expired coupons include CVS, Kroger, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Bath & Body Works, Lowe’s, Kohl’s, Petco, Petsmart, and Dicks Sporting Goods. The best way to find out if your store accepts expired coupons is to ask them. And, if your cashier isn’t sure, you can politely ask to speak to the manager to double check. Some stores will accept a few days/weeks past the expiration date, and others will accept up to a year or more!

Where to Donate Expired Coupons to Troops

If you have manufacturer coupons and would like to donate them, then check out our findings. Of course, you can send any coupons that you won’t use – even if they haven’t yet expired!

  1. Head to the Overseas Coupon Project website, and click “Base List” to find a military base to adopt, then click “Adoption Form” to apply. Clip & sort your coupons into two categories:  “food” and “non food” [note: they mean “human” food], place into two baggies, and put into an envelope.  Keep in mind food and baby coupons are in high demand
  2. Check out Troopons – Coupons for Troops which is another way to donate. Simply mail your coupons to them in Florida and they’ll do the rest.
  3. In some cases you may be able to bring them to your local VFW post, so check with them! (Thanks for the tip, Earlene!)

What do I need to do to prepare my expired coupons?

In some cases, you’ll need to sort them into two categories:  “food” and “non-food.”  These coupons will be distributed to military and their families to use at military commissary stores.

How old can expired coupons be?

The military commissary (grocery store) will still take expired coupons for up to six months. But, since you need to figure time in for shipping, two months is their rule of thumb.


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