Free 5X7 Photo Magnet! (Walgreens)

Free 5X7 Photo Magnet!

Free 5X7 Photo Magnet!

Right now you can get a free 5×7 photo print magnet from Walgreens. These freebies make great gifts! This may work on the app or on the website. It may or may not work on both.

Easy photo printing for your free magnet

If you want, you can use the website or their free app. Selecting the product, and then upload the photograph you want to use. When you’re making your photo print for your magnet, be sure to pay close attention to the suggestions. The system will tell you if a picture is low quality (low resolution, or not enough dots per inch aka DPI). It’s better to use another picture so it doesn’t print blurry or pixilated. Lastly, look at how the picture is cropped on the screen. Be sure nothing important is getting cut off. Like it? Then add it to your cart and check out using the Walgreens photo coupon code.

How to get your free magnet

  1. Head on over and sign in to the Walgreens Photo website
  2. Add your photo that you want to make into a magnet.
  3. Make any enhancements or crop picture, then add to cart and choose the
  4. Check out and use promo code FALL-MAGS

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