Free Blue Lizard SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen!

Free Blue Lizard SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen!

Free Blue Lizard SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen!

Apply to receive a Free Blue Lizard SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen from the Home Tester Club. If you are selected to receive the Free Blue Lizard SPF 50+ Spray Sunscreen, make sure to thoroughly test the product. Make sure to leave an honest review.

Blue Lizard products are renowned for their high quality and effective UV protection. The SPF 50+ rating indicates that this sunscreen can block out a substantial amount of UVB radiation.

As always, even though product tests aren’t guaranteed freebies, they’re often more valuable and well worth it!

About the testing opportunity

So first, we’ll tell you about how this works and what you need to know so you can continue to participate in the program. It’s essential that you pay attention to what you’re agreeing to do so that you aren’t penalized or removed!

What if I’m chosen to review this product test?

If selected to participate in this Home Tester Club product test, here are a few things you’ll be asked to do:

    • Test the product delivered to you, as per the instructions provided
    • Share a thoughtful, descriptive review with the Home Tester Club community
    • Use the Share function on Home Tester Club to share your review on your Facebook account
    • Complete a short post-trial survey online about the product
    • You can upload a photo or video of your product test experience to Instagram, using the # hashtag given
    • Refrain from reselling the products sent to you for cash or equivalent

Please note: All product test-related content that is shared by you, the product tester, to the Home Tester Club site, provided to Home Tester Club via email or other means, or shared on third-party platforms (Instagram, Facebook) bearing campaign hashtags and tags shall be deemed as “User Content” and may be used (but not limited in use) by Home Tester Club and the brand as follows:

    • YouTube
    • social media accounts and sponsored posts
    • brand & retail sites

Is this a product test you’d be interested in participating in? If you do not agree to the above, please just say so. Your answer does not impact your involvement in other Home Tester Club product tests in the future.

Get in on this product test

Head on over to Home Tester Club and apply to try this product test. Home Tester Club has a new sampling opportunity. Sign in to your Home Tester account to see if this opportunity is available for you. Second, log in or sign up and just fill out a short form, and if you are selected they will contact you. Third, if chosen they’ll send you the free stuff. In return, they will expect a review and share on Instagram plus a share on Facebook. Of course, this offer will not be available to everyone.

Learn how to be a successful product tester in our Home Tester Club review.

How Product Tests Work

So, it’s vital to understand what to expect. We share several types of freebies, and all are similar in that they’re 100% free and totally legitimate. But, knowing what to expect will help set you up for success!


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