Free Book ~ DRINK414 Gospel of John

Free Book ~ DRINK414 Gospel of John

Free Book ~ DRINK414 Gospel of John

Get your free copy of  DRINK414 Gospel of John while supplies last.

DRINK414 is an organization dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus Christ through creative advertising and media. They offer The Gospel of John for free and use creative advertising to reach people who may not have heard the message before.

Gods love and guidance are “FREE OF CHARGE” and so are ours!

Following Jesus and growing in a personal relationship with him will quench your thirst for meaning and purpose in this life like nothing else ever will. Jesus wants to pour his life into your life!

The Gospel of John has been arranged for you to easily Follow Jesus alone and enjoy casual small group fellowship with others. Thin book size 8.5 x 5.3 DRINK it anywhere!

DRINK414 The most Refreshing Water on earth!


Order your free copy of DRINK414 Gospel of John


We post all legit freebies and let you decide which you’d like to get. Posting in no way suggests an endorsement by this website. Please do not comment with personal attacks, religion, politics or proselytizing. If this particular offer isn’t for you, please feel free to pass. We’ll still love ya! Thanks!

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