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Free Bottled Up Feelings Fragrance Samples! Free Shipping

free bottled up feelings fragrance

Free Bottled Up Feelings Fragrance Samples! Free Shipping

Head on over and claim your free Bottled Up Feelings fragrance card by mail. Shipping is free, and no credit card is needed. Just visit their website and wait for the popup which offers the free sample card. Fill in your email and they’ll give you a coupon code to use. Then, select the free sample card, add it to your cart, and check out with the promo discount code.

They have a note on their website stating the shipping will be delayed for weeks, however they are still accepting requests at the time of posting.

free bottledup

About Bottled Up Feelings

This fragrance feels like that perfect peacefulness under a starry night sky. The sweet but dark plum is calming like nothing else. The floral jasmine and orchid combine perfectly underneath, transporting you to a place of such tranquility, you’ll just want to breathe in deeper than you ever have before. Subtle spices and caramel add another dimension to this comforting but complex fragrance.

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