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Free 2023 Ciscso Snort Pig Parody Calendar (Free Shipping)

Free Cisco Snort Calendar

Free 2023 Ciscso Snort Pig Parody Calendar (Free Shipping)

Who needs an adorable pig calendar? Don’t miss this free 2023 Snort Cisco Calendar, shipped free, while supplies last. Take the short survey to get to the order page. A Company name is not needed.  Please allow three to six weeks for shipping. All shipping will begin in late November.

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I absolutely LOVE pigs, so this is one of my all-time favorite calendars. I’ve gotten them for years, and they’re the one I put right by my desk. The cartoon drawings are so cute and cleverly made. They’re parodies and puns, made to remind of famous music bands, companies and movies, for example. In other words, last years’ calendar was called HOOFSTOCK (a parody of Woodstock, the infamous concert from the late 1960s). In it were musicians such as Baconce, a parady of Beyonce. You get the idea!  If you haven’t ordered a free calendar yet, now’s the time!

About the Free Cisco Snort Calendar

All images are from the 2022 Snort parody calendar. Snort and the Snort pig are registered trademarks of Cisco. All rights reserved. Alterations are strictly prohibited.

Disclaimer: Snort cannot be held accountable for squeals of joy upon others seeing these backgrounds during a Webex meeting. Also, be conscious of your audience when using these, not all parts of the world appreciate the pig. – Cisco

Snort is a free open source network intrusion detection system and intrusion prevention system created in 1998 by Martin Roesch, founder and former CTO of Sourcefire. Snort is now developed by Cisco, which purchased Sourcefire in 2013. – Wikipedia

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