FREE Closed Caption Home Phone ($149 Value)

FREE Closed Caption Phone ($149 Value)

Do you use closed caption on your TV? Are you lost if you don’t have closed captioning on when watching your favorite television show? Do you avoid phone calls, and prefer to text or message instead? If you or someone you know has trouble hearing, then check out Caption Call.

Similar to the closed caption on television, this will “translate” speech on the phone so it can be understood. This one is near and dear to my heart. I have a hearing loss, and I have a caption phone. It changed my life.

Do you have a hearing loss and struggle for your family to understand?

I wear hearing aids, and in a way I’m fortunate to have family who shares my struggle. Still, it’s really challenging for others to understand that hearing aids don’t fix the problem.

It’s not like how eyeglasses fix your vision, restoring it to normal or almost normal. Hearing aids do not do that. Life with hearing aids does not sound like life to a person who hears normally!

Years ago my amazing audiologist, Barb Friedman (now retired) in Minneapolis, shared this life-changing recording with my sister and me.  The recording has a man reading a script.

Then, they apply a filter to it so that it simulates hearing loss at various levels. They even have an example of what levels of hearing loss sound like when “corrected” with hearing aids.

As you will hear, it is NOT like a person who hears normally hears it. And that’s why it’s easier to read it. In other words, closed captioning makes it possible to get what you’re missing.

There’s also a really cool free computer program called Hearing Loss Simulator (click link to download HLSim). Run the install and play around with it.  It was created for workers in loud situations, to show how various losses sound.

From mild to severe to profound and levels of deafness. And yeah, I know hearing impaired people don’t want to be called deaf, and vice versa. 😉

More Hearing Loss Freebies

Have you ever wondered what it is really like not to be able to hear? Check out Starkey’s Hearing Loss Simulator or watch the YouTube Video of the Hearing Loss Simulator App (or you can buy it here).

Or, check out this page for really good examples of what hearing loss sounds like, and what hearing loss sounds like with a hearing aid. (click links)

About CaptionCall Free Caption Phones

Order your Free Closed Caption CaptionCall phone, and communicate more confidently with others.

The captioning service is provided by CaptionCall and funded by the Federal Communications Commission so there are no costs to the customer. CaptionCall is reimbursed by the FCC for providing the service to individuals with hearing loss.

The funds for this service come from a small tax that all United States residents pay on their monthly phone bills for telecommunications relay services.

CaptionCall also offers free delivery and installation assistance done by CaptionCall employees located across the country.

Our employees have been specifically trained to set up CaptionCall for you and answer any questions you might have about the CaptionCall phone.

Reclaim Your Phone – and Your Life

FREE Closed Caption Phone ($149 Value)

CaptionCall Requirements:

  • Must have a medically recognized hearing disability
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Standard home phone connection (or they’ll provide VOIP which includes free long distance if you don’t have a phone line)
  • Ordinary home electrical outlet

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