How to Actually Get Free Coca-Cola Stickers + Free Shipping!

Free Coca-Cola Stickers + Free Shipping!

If you collect stickers, then don’t miss this one! Because, Coca-Cola will send you free Coke stickers in the mail. Whether you like the retro Coke vintage stuff, or sleek new Diet Coke or Coke Zero swag. Free Preppy Stickers are a super popular, fun and easy thing to collect. Kids love them! You can put them on your devices, backpack or even your car (with parental permission, of course!)

To request your free Cocacola stickers, contact Coke at 1-800-GET-COKE or 1-800-438-2653 and request your free stickers. To purchase Coca-cola swag, you can visit the Coke Store.

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About these Free Coke Stickers

I saw somewhere that claimed that if you email Coca-cola, they would send you free stickers. So, I emailed Coke and asked them for stickers. They replied:

Although we are happy to send you some stickers, we ask that you contact us at 1-800-GET-COKE or 1-800-438-2653.  We are glad to know that you’re one of those loyal consumers who appreciate the world’s greatest soft drink!

Please keep in mind that we only accept sticker requests from persons 18 and older, so you may need to request that your parent or guardian give us a call.

They don’t specify what the Coke stickers will look like. But, I’m sure they’re nice!


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