Free Comic Book Day 2024, Full List of Free Comics

Free Comic Book Day 2022 - Full List of Free Comics!

Free Comic Book Day 2024 – Full List of Free Comics!

Free Comic Book Day, which is normally held in May, was canceled in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Then, they changed it to Free Comic Book Summer, and offered 45 titles throughout the summer. Next, in 2021, Free Comic Book day was back and bigger than ever! Now, FCBD will return to its traditional “First Saturday in May” event date, Saturday, May 4, 2024.

When is Free Comic Book Day 2024?

Always the first Saturday in May. In other words, FCBD is back to one day and it will be on Saturday, May 4, 2024.

List of Free Comic Book Day Titles 2024

The full lineup has been announced! There are nearly 50 titles that will be given away on Free Comic Book Day.

What can you get during Free Comic Book Day?

For over 20 years, Free Comic Book Day has been handing out free comic books. Make sure you’re ready for FCBD. Plan your route to find comic shop locations near you. If there are multiple comic shops near you participating, they encourage you to plan out locations you will go to. So, you can get a variety of the FCBD

Tips to Make the Most of Free Comic Book Day

  1. Plan your trip with the FCBD Official Store Locator
  2. Plan to stand in line! I’ve gone to comic book shops in big cities, and as a result, some shops participating in free comic book day near me have had long lines to wait in. Therefore, bringing a friend (or a few!) or family members can give you more freedom to take breaks. You might also want to bring along a lawn chair or snacks and beverages. Typically the wait isn’t long, but some locations may be longer than others depending on how many people are there.
  3. Arrive early! Because quantities of free comic books are limited. Some shops may limit to 2-3 comic books per person, and some may offer more. But, there are only so many, so get there before they’re all gone.
  4. Join in the fun! In other words, don’t fret if you have to wait or miss out. For example, some people dress up as their favorite comic book hero (or villain!) If you do, then be sure to join the fun on social media! Use the hashtag #FCBD23 and @freeBfinderFreebies and be sure to thank your comic book shop!


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