Free Coolio Ice Pack Extender for Coolers + Free Shipping!

Free Coolio Ice Pack Extender for Coolers + Free Shipping!

Do you love camping or picnics? Then don’t miss the chance to try Coolio! It’s a pack that goes into your cooler to keep food dry, makes ice last longer, and keeps your cooler clean! How cool is that?

No more soggy sandwiches. No more waterlogged fruits. No more cold hands!

What is Coolio by Mobilevee?

Coolio by Mobilevee is advanced cooling technology for long-lasting ice retention in your cooler! It extends the life of ice and also absorbs the water left over when ice melts, to keep your food fresh and not soggy.

  • Superior ice retention pad that uses SAP technology for ice retention and water absorption to keep ice lasting longer and food and drinks fresh!
  • The ultimate water absorption pad that keeps ice colder for longer.
  • Ice stays colder for extended periods, ensuring your beverages and perishables remain perfectly chilled.
  • Perfect for Camping, Boating, and going to the Beach! Say goodbye to soggy sandwiches and waterlogged bags of ice!

What’s the Free Offer?

Exclusive Offer: Get a Free Coolio 6×12 for Your Insights!

We greatly appreciate your input and want to show our gratitude for your participation. As a token of our appreciation, the first 200 individuals to complete the survey will receive a complimentary Coolio 6×12 product. Your valuable insights will help us shape the future of Coolio, and we’re excited to share this exclusive offer with you. Thank you for being a part of our journey!

They’re only giving away 200! So head on over and take the short survey to get your free Coolio while supplies last!

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