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Free Cosmic Carrot Chews Snacks and Tote Bag (Moms Meet)

Free Cosmic Carrot Chews Snacks and Tote Bag

Free Cosmic Carrot Chews Snacks and Tote Bag

Looking for something different that is healthy and yummy for your child to snack on? There’s a new product testing opportunity from Mom’s Meet!   Sign in or sign up and apply for the Eat The Change Cosmic Carrot Chews  testing opportunity on Mom’s Meet.

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About this Mom’s Meet Product Test

Give your kids a healthy snack you know they’ll love with the added benefit of a whole serving of vegetables in each pouch! Eat the Change Cosmic Carrot Chews are a nutrient-dense alternative to “fruit snacks,” but made with real carrots and sweetened with fruit juice. They are organic, kosher, vegan, and made with only four ingredients. Cosmic Carrot Chews come in three delicious varieties: Orange Mango Moonbeam, Sour Cherry Berry Blast-Off, and Apple Cinnamon Asteroid. They are a convenient grab-and-go snack or a perfect addition to any lunchbox. Both kid- and parent-approved, here’s to finally finding a snack everyone can agree on!

If chosen, your sampling kit will contain Cosmic Carrot Chews Sour Cherry Berry Blast-Off to try and review with your group, plus stickers and coupons to share with your group. As a thank you, you will receive a tote bag and additional cartons of Cosmic Carrot Chews in two other flavors.

How it works:

Host an in-person sampling meeting to try and review this product with your mom friends.

How Product Tests Work

Product Tests have a few more steps than easy freebies. For example, with easy freebies, you only have to give your shipping info. Conversely, you need to apply for product tests, and they choose select applicants. But, since they’re usually full-size products and more valuable items, it’s worth it!

Sometimes, there will be a short survey. They do this to match you with the products and/or companies looking for people like you. And, with product tests, there’s a limited supply of free things. Often, product tests require that you try the item and review it or tell them what you think of it. Similarly, some sellers will offer free with review products to get more reviews. See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

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