Free Coupons By Mail: Request Full Size Products from 300+ Companies

Free Coupons By Mail: Request from 300+ Companies

Free Coupons By Mail: Request from 300+ Companies

Did you know that there are hundreds of companies that may send you free coupons by mail, just for asking? We’re sharing companies from whom we’ve received coupons; however, this is subject to change at any time. Consider this a place to start, if you want to know who to ask for coupons. You could even get whole free coupon books by postal mail!

Update! I went through the tedious task of making this list sortable and searchable for you! Hope it helps!

Of course, receiving mailed coupons from companies is a great way to save money. And, many of them will send either free full-size products or coupons you can redeem for totally free products. And it’s easy to start with our big list! We have tips for finding coupons from the super popular Hobby Lobby coupon, Michaels coupon, Harbor Freight Free Coupons, Kohls, JCPenney, Bed Bath and Beyond and plenty more!

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How Can I Get Free Coupons Mailed to Me?

Whether you already love a brand or want to try it, free coupons are the next best thing to free samples. It’s a way to invest less and still try new things.

  1. Find the company or brand you want to try.
  2. Head to their website or social media.
  3. Look for coupons they may have available.
  4. Use their contact form, or message their social media to politely request coupons or samples. For example:

Dear Tide, I absolutely love your original laundry detergent and I have used Tide Pods for years. So, when I saw that you have a new scent I hoped to try it. I wondered if you had coupons or samples available that you could mail to me, please? I would sincerely appreciate it! Thank you for your time. -Wendy (include full name and shipping info in your request.)


These 300+ Companies Will Send Them!

List of Companies you can request Free Mailed Coupons from

Huge List of Companies from which you can request FREE mailed coupons. To get started, find the company you’d like to receive coupons from, and then head to their website or social media and ask them.

Reminder: find the company you’d like to request from, and then go to their website and contact them.

Tip: Most companies link to their social media on their website; often you can contact them on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, etc. as well as on their contact form on their website.

Brand Name (link)CategoryNotes
9 Lives cat foodPet, Cat, Kitten
OTC medication, Personal Care, Beauty, Lip
Al FrescoFood
AleveOTC medication
OTC medication, Heartburn, Indigestion
Amy’s KitchenFood
Angel Soft
Personal Care, Toilet Paper
Annie’s homegrownFood
Apple and EveBeverage, Juice
Arm and Hammer
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Aunt Jemima
Food, Breakfast, Syrup
Personal Care, Skin, Lotion, Beauty
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
BalanceFood, Snacks
Diaper Cream, Ointment, Baby
Food, Cereal, Snacks
Barber FoodsFood
BarillaFood, Pasta
Bear NakedFood, Snacks
Store, Retail
Beech NutFood, Baby
Belvita (Mondelez International)Food, Snacks
OTC medication, Allergy
Food, Pasta, Sauce
Bigelow Tea (Update: they recently posted that they’re no longer offering coupons)
Beverages, Tea
(Update: they recently posted that they’re no longer offering coupons)
Food, Frozen, Vegetables
Personal Care, Beauty, Lip
Blue Bunny Ice Cream (Wells)Food, Ice Cream
Blue DiamondFood, Nuts
BirdsEye (Conagra)
Food, Frozen, Vegetables
BoboliFood, Pizza
Bolthouse FarmsFood
Borden DairyFood, Dairy
Bounce dryer sheets
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Brach’s Candy
Food, Snacks, Candy
Breyer’sFood, Ice Cream
Brown Cow YogurtFood, Dairy
Buddig deli meatsFood, Deli, Meat
Bumble Bee tuna
Food, Tuna, Seafood, Meat
Burt’s Bees
Personal Care, Beauty, Lip, Skin, Lotion
Bush Beans
Food, Beans, Vegetables
Food, Soup, Sauce
Personal Care, Feminine Hygiene, Period
Personal Care, Beauty, Lip
Carnation Instant Breakfast
Beverage, Breakfast, Food
Carpet Fresh
Cleaning, Household
Cleaning, Dishes, Household
Cascadian FarmFood
Celestial SeasoningsBeverages, Tea
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
contact form is through Galderma
Challenge DairyFood, Dairy
Personal Care, Toilet Paper
Chef Boyardee (Conagra)Food
Cheez Wiz (Kraft) Food, Snacks
Kraft doesn't seem to admit they make CheezWhiz anymore, and I'm not sure I blame them
Household, Paper Plates
Chips Ahoy (Mondelez International)Food, Snacks
Chiquita bananasFood
Food, Yogurt, Diary
Clean & Clear
Personal Care, Beauty
Personal Care, Beauty
Clif BarsFood, Snacks
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Coffee-Mate Creamers
Beverages, Coffee
Cole’s Garlic BreadFood
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
Comet Cleanser
Cleaner, Household
Cool Whip (Kraft)Food, Dessert
Country CrockFood
Personal Care, Toilet Paper
Country Choice OrganicFood
Crafts, Kids, Art, Crayons, Back to School
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
Food, Dairy
Dannon yogurtFood, Dairy
Del Monte produce
Food, Produce, Vegetables, Fruit
Dial soap
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin
Digiorno Pizza (Kraft)Food
Dixie Paper Products
Household, Paper Plates
Dole Fruit & Vegetables
Food, Produce, Vegetables, Fruit
Dove haircare & skincare
Personal Care, Beauty, Hair, Skin, Lotion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Drano / Dran-o (SCJohnson)
Household, Cleaner, Plumbing
Driscoll’s Berries
Food, Produce, Fruit
Household, Repair, Maintenance
Food, Beverages, Coffee
Food, Dessert
Household, Fireplace
Earthbound Farm Organic
Food, Produce, Vegetables, Fruit
Earth’s BestFood
Edy’s Ice CreamFood, Ice Cream
Eggland’s Best EggsFood, Eggs
EggoFood, Breakfast
El Guapo (McCormick)Food, Spices
Food, Mexican, Hispanic, Latin, Ethnic
Emerald NutsFood, Nuts
Household, Cleaning, Furniture Polish
Energizer Batteries
Household, Battery
Beverage, Nutrition, Supplement
Entenmann’sFood, Dessert
Equal Exchange
ERA Laundry Detergent
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
Fage YogurtFood, Dairy
Famous Amos (Ferrara USA)Food, Dessert
Farm RichFood
Fast FixinFood
Household, Air Freshener
Fiber OneFood, Snacks
Filippo BerioFood
Cleaning, Household, Dishes
Fisher BoyFood
Flat Out BreadFood
Vitamins, Supplements, Kids, Gummy Vitamins
Florida’s Natural Juice
Beverages, Juice
Folgers coffee
Beverages, Coffee
Foster Farms chicken
Food, Meat, Chicken
Frank's RedHotFood, Sauce
Freihof’s Bread (Bimbo's)Food, Bread
Food, Spices
Fresh Express
Food, Produce, Vegetables, Fruit
Fresh Step Cat LitterPet, Cat, Kitten
you can also earn free coupons and cat swag with Paw Points Rewards (learn more)
FreschettaFood, Pizza
Frigio CheeseFood, Dairy
Friskies cat food (Purina)Pet, Cat, Kitten
Frito-Lay (Pepsi-co)Food, Snacks
Fresh Express produce
Food, Produce, Vegetables, Fruit
Gatorade (Pepsico)Beverages
General MillsFood
Household, Personal Care, Toilet Paper, Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Towels
Gerber baby foodFood, Baby
Ghirardelli chocolate
Food, Dessert, Chocolate
Personal Care, Hair Removal, Shaving
Household, Plastic, Trashbag
Household, Air Freshener
Beauty, Hair, Brush, Hair Ties
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
Gorton’s Fish
Food, Fish, Seafood
Gourmet GardenFood
Green Giant (General Mills)Food
Greenies dog & cat treatsPet, Dog, Puppy
Grill Mates (McCormick)Food, Spices
Haagen-Dazs (contact form)Food, Ice Cream
Halls (Mondelez International)
OTC Medication, Cold/Flu, Sore Throat, Lozenge
Hatfield meatsFood, Meat
Head and Shoulders (P&G)
Beauty, Hair, Dandruff
Healthy Choice frozen meals and treats (Conagra)
Food, Frozen, Meal
Healthy Balance (Old Orchard)
Beverages, Juice
or sign up for the Old Orchard Fan Club Rewards program we told you about here
Hebrew National (Conagra)Food, Meat
Hefty plastic
Household, Plastic, Trashbag
Heluva Good!Food
Right Guard deodorant antiperspirant (Henkel brands)
Personal Care, Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant
Herbal Essences (P&G)
Personal Care, Hair, Shampoo, Conditioner
Hershey’s chocolateFood, Chocolate
Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, etc.Food, Sauce
Hillshire FarmsFood, Meat
Hobby LobbyStore, Retail
previously, Hobby Lobby had their awesome coupon right on their website. However, they have discontinued their Hobby Lobby coupon. They do have coupons in their weekly ad sometimes, so be sure to check. You can try asking for a coupon directly!
Honest TeaBeverages, Tea
Horizon DairyFood, Dairy
Hormel meatsFood, Meat
Hostess cakes bakeryFood, Dessert
Food, Meal
HuggiesDiapers, Baby
Hungry JackFood, Breakfast
Hunt’s Tomatoe Sauces (Conagra)Food, Sauces
Iams Pet Food
Pet, Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten
Ian’s Natural FoodsFood
Idahoan potatoes
Food, Vegetables, Potato
Imagine SoupsFood, Soups
International Delight Creamer Beverages
don't miss their Creamer Nation!
JCPenney couponsStore, Retail
no need to ask them to mail it, you can find JCPenney copuons right on their website here! Plus, they have lots of in-store coupons you can get by signing up with them in link.
Jennie O Turkey
Food, Meat, Turkey
Jergen’s skincare
Personal Care, Skin, Beauty, Lotion
Jif peanut butter
Food, Peanut Butter
Johnsonville meatsFood, Meat
Jose Ole frozen Mexican foods
Food, Mexican, Frozen, Hispanic, Latin, Ethnic
Juicy Juice
Bevergages, Juice
Kashi cereal, waffles and bars
Food, Cereal, Breakfast, Snacks
KC Masterpiece sauces
Food, Sauces, Barbecue
Keebler cookies (Kellogg's)Food, Desserts
did you know that the Keebler elves don't make crackers anymore!?!! For example, Keebler Club butter crackers are now called Kellogg's Club crackers. Kellogg's sold Famous Amos and fruit snacks to Ferrero Group a few years ago. Apparently, I don't get out much. Thankfully the elves still make cookies!
Kellogg’s Cereals
Food, Cereal, Breakfast, Snacks
Ken’s DressingsFood, Sauces
Kettle Chips
Food, Snacks, Chips
Kid Cuisine meals (Conagra)Food, Meals
King Arthur FlourFood, Staples
Kingsford Charcoal
Household, Barbecue, Grilling
King’s Hawaiian BakeryFood, Bread
Kitchen Basics (McCormick)Food, Spices
Personal Care, Paper Products, Facial Tissues
Kohls CouponStore, Retail
no need to ask them to mail it, you can find Kohl's coupons on their website here! Whether you’re a Kohl’s card member or not, you can show the coupon on your phone right in the store!
Kotex / U by Kotex
Personal Care, Feminine Hygiene, Period
Kozy ShackFood
Food, Dairy, Meals
Food, Breakfast, Baking
Food, Sauces, Spices, Gravy
OTC Medication, Dairy, Lactose Intolerance
Lady Speed Stick by Mennen
Personal Care, Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant
Lance CrackersFood
Land O Lakes dairyFood, Dairy
Late July Organic SnacksFood, Organic
Lawry's (McCormick)Food, Spices
Lean Cuisine mealsFood, Meals
Lea & Perrins sauces & marinades
Food, Sauces, Spices
Liquid-Plumr drain cleaners
Household, Cleaner, Plumbing
Lindsay OlivesFood, Fruit
Ling Ling Asian foods
Food, Asian, Chinese, Ethnic
Lipton Tea (Unilever) - be sure to join the Tea Club
Beverages, Tea
Lloyd’s BBQ (Hormel)
Food, Meat, Sauces
Lucky LeafFood
Luigi’s Italian IceBeverages
Luna Bars (Clif)Food, Snacks
Luvs Diapers (P&G)Diapers, Baby
Household, Cleaner
Mahtma RiceFood, Rice
Malt-o-Meal Cereals (POST)
Food, Cereal, Breakfast, Snacks
Mama Mary’s PizzaFood, Pizza
Marcal paper products
Household, Paper Plates
Marie Calendar (Conagra)Food, Meals
Marzetti salad dressingsFood, Sauces
Maybelline Cosmetics
Beauty, Cosmetics, Makeup
Mazola corn oilFood
McCormick spicesFood, Spices
McCormick En EspañolFood, Spices
McCormick GourmetFood, Spices
Meow MixPet, Cat, Kitten
Cleaning, Laundry, Household, Dishes
Michaels CouponStore, Retail
Minute MaidBeverages
Mission Tortillas
Food, Mexican, Hispanic, Latin, Ethnic
Mom’s Best Cereals
Food, Cereal, Breakfast, Snacks
Food, Snacks, Crackers, Candy
MorningStar Farms (Incogmeato)Food, Breakfast
OTC medication, Pain Relief, NSAID
Mott's Applesauce & Apple Juice
Food, Fruit, Juice, Beverage
Food, Dairy
Mrs. DashFood, Spices
Mrs. Smith’s fruit pies & pie crustsFood, Desserts
Mrs. T’s PierogiesFood
Mt. Olive Pickles
Food, Vegetables
Food, Vegetables
Food, Fruit, Juice, Beverage
Newman’s OwnFood, Sauces
Nature Valley (General Mills)Food, Snacks
Natures Own BreadsFood, Bread
Nature's Path OrganicFood
Nestle Pure Life Water
Beverages, Water
Nestle Toll House (Nestle)
Food, Dessert, Baking
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion, Cleanser
New York Bakery frozen foods
Food, Frozen, Desserts
Newman’s OwnFood, Sauces
Nexcare Bandages (3M)
OTC Medication, Band-Aids
Nissin Foods noodles
Food, Asian, Chinese, Ethnic
Nivea skincare
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
No Yolks NoodlesFood, Pasta
Nonni’s Biscotti
Food, Dessert, Breakfast
Personal Care, Toilet Paper
O-Cello Sponges (3M)
Cleaning, Household
Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice
Beverages, Juice
OGX Beauty
Personal Care, Hair, Shampoo, Conditioner
OLD BAY (McCormick)Food, Spices
Old El Paso (General Mills)
Food, Spices, Mexican, Hispanic, Latin, Sauces
Old Orchard Juice
Beverages, Juice
learn more about the Old Orchard Rewards program and earn free juice
OTC medication, Personal Care, Beauty, Lip
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
Ore Ida / Oreida (Kraft)
Food, Vegetables, Frozen
Food, Snacks
Organic Valley DairyFood, Dairy
Oroweat BreadFood, Bread
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Pace Picante & Salsa (Campbell's)
Food, Sauces, Mexican, Hispanic, Latin
Palermo’s PizzaFood, Pizza
Pampers DiapersBaby, Diapers
be sure to check out their rewards program too
Pantene haircare
Personal Care, Hair, Shampoo, Conditioner
Parkay (Conagra)Food, Margarine
Pedigree Dog Food:Pet, Dog, Puppy
Food, Desserts
Perdue Chicken
Food, Meat, Chicken
Peter Pan Peanut Butter
Food, Peanut Butter
PictSweet vegetables
Food, Vegetables, Canned
Food, Meat, Chicken
Pine-Sol cleaner
Cleaning, Household
Cleaning, Household, Furniture Polish
Food, Baby, Toddler, Children, Kids
Pompeian Olive OilFood, Fruit
POM Wonderful
Beverages, Food, Fruit, Juice
Pop TartsFood, Breakfast
Popcorn IndianaFood, Snacks
Food, Breakfast, Cereal, Snacks
Post It
Food, Breakfast, Cereal, Snacks
Precious Cheese (Galbani)Food, Dairy
Prego Sauces (Campbell's)Food, Sauces
Propel Water (Pepsico)
Beverages, Water
Purex laundry (Henkel)
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Purina - coupons
Pet, Dog, Cat, Puppy, Kitten
Quaker Oats (Pepsico)
Food, Breakfast, Baking, Staple
Personal Care, Toilet Paper
Ragu sauces
Food, Sauces, Vegetables, Tomatoes
Raid (SCJohnson)
Household, Pest Control, Bug Spray
Ray’s New York BagelsFood, Breakfast
Rayovac Batteries
Household, Battery
Red Baron frozen pizzaFood, Pizza
Red Gold Tomatoes
Food, Vegetables, Tomatoes
Red Rose teaBeverages, Tea
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
Personal Care, Cosmetics, Makeup, Haircare, Beauty, Tools
Rhodes Bake N Serve Bread & RollsFood, Bread
Rice Dream rice drink - contactBeverages
Rice A Roni (Pasta Roni) - (Pepsico)Food, Pasta
Right Guard (Henkel)
Personal Care, Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant
Food, Snacks, Crackers
Ronzoni PastaFood, Pasta
Rudi’s Bakery OrganicFood, Bakery
R.W. Knudsen juice
Beverages, Juice
Sally Hansen nails
Personal Care, Nails, Manicure, Pedicure, Beauty, Tools
Sara Lee BreadFood, Breads
Sargento CheeseFood, Dairy
Schick Razors
Personal Care, Hair Removal, Shaving, Shave, Razor
SC Johnson (Glade, Bon ami, Bayclin, Ceramicol, Duck, Drano, Echo, Fantastik, Freedom carpet foam cleaner, Lysoform, Mr. Muscle, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Shout!, Windex, OFF!, Raid, Ziploc, Saran Wrap, Kiwi shoe care, Grand Prix auto care, Method, Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day)
Household, Cleaner, Air Freshener
Scoop AwayPet, Cat, Kitten
Scotch Brite
Household, Cleaner, Furniture Polish
Household, Personal Care, Toilet Paper, Paper Plates, Napkins, Paper Towels
Scotties Facial Tissues
Personal Care, Paper Products, Facial Tissues
Scrubbing Bubbles (SCJohnson)
Household, Cleaner
Sea Pak Shrimp & Seafood
Food, Meat, Seafood
Secret Deodorant (P&G)
Personal Care, Deodorant, Anti-Perspirant
Sensodyone sensitive toothpaste
Personal Care, Toothpaste, Oral Care, Dental
Seventh Generation cleaners
Household, Cleaner
Silk Plant-Based MilkBeverages
Simply Asia (McCormick)
Food, Spices, Asian, Ethnic
Simply Organic - printable couponsFood, Organic
Shady Brook FarmsFood
Skinny Cow
Food, Ice Cream, Dairy
Personal Care, Hair Removal, Shaving
Skippy Peanut Butter
Food, Peanut Butter
Slim Fast
Beverages, Food, Weight Loss
Slim Jim beef jerky (Conagra)Food, Snacks
Smart Ones (Kraft Heinz)Food, Meals
Beverages, Water
SmithfieldFood, Meat
Food, Jelly & Jam
Snapple (Keurig Dr Pepper)Beverages
Food, Candy
St. Ives skincare
Personal Care, Beauty, Skin, Lotion
Starkist tuna, salmon, chicken
Food, Meat, Seafood, Chicken
State Fair Corn DogsFood, Frozen
Stoneyfield dairyFood, Dairy
Stubb's (McCormick)Food, Spices
Solo cup
Household, Plastic, Drinkware, Paper Cups
Talenti GelatoFood, Desserts
Thomas Bread & BagelsFood, Breads
Tide laundry
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Tidy Cats litter - Purina CouponsPet, Cat, Kitten
Food, Dairy, Meals
Thai Kitchen (McCormick)Food, Spices
Tony’s Pizza
Food, Pizza, Frozen, Meal
Totinos pizza rolls (General Mills)
Food, Pizza, Frozen, Meal
Tree Top Juice
Beverages, Juice
TRESemme haircare
Personal Care, Hair, Shampoo, Conditioner
Tribe HummusFood, Snacks
Trident (Mondelez International)Gum, Candy
Triscuit (Mondelez InternationalFood, Crackers
Tropicana (Pepsico)
Beverages, Juice
OTC Medication, Pain Relief
Tyson chicken
Food, Meat, Chicken
Uncle Ben’s - Ben's OriginalFood, Rice
Venus razors (Gillette)
Personal Care, Hair Removal, Shaving, Shave, Razor
Household, Napkins, Paper Towels
Vlasic pickles (Conagra)
Food, Vegetables
Welchs juice and fruit spreads
Beverages, Juice
Food, Crackers
Whiskas cat foodPet, Cat, Kitten
White Castle
Food, Frozen, Meal
White House Foods applesauceFood, Fruit
Windex (SCJohnson)
Cleaning, Household, Windows
Wonder BreadFood, Bread
Wonderful Pistachios (Get Crackin)Food, Nuts
Food, Sauces, Spices
Xtra Laundry Detergent
Cleaning, Laundry, Household
Yogi TeaBeverages, Tea
Zatarain’s (McCormick)
Food, Mexican, Hispanic, Latin, Ethnic
Zicam cold & allergy products
OTC Medication, Cold/Flu, Sore Throat, Lozenge
Ziploc (SCJohnson)
Household, Plastic, Food Storage
Zyrtec allergy
OTC Medication, Allergy

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Latest Free Full-Size Products with Coupons

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Tips for Scoring Free Coupons from Your Favorite Brands

  1. Of course, always be polite and grateful! After all, you’re asking them to do you a favor and send something free.
  2. In other words, you could compliment the product if you love it, or share with them a disappointment if you’d like to try it again after not being totally satisfied.
  3. Finally, be gracious even if they say no. You can always ask another company, or try again later.

Are you telling me these 300+ companies will ALL mail me coupons?!

Some will and some will not. Of course, not all will necessarily have coupons available at all times. Indeed, you should always be polite when requesting, or they may choose not to send you anything. If you tell them if you love their product or if you’d like to try it out, then they may just send a sample as well. Naturally, be respectful and grateful.

Of course, nothing is guaranteed. Just because a company is listed here does not insinuate that the company has free products or free coupons available at all times. But, we included them because they’ve been known to do so.

Can I ask for Free Samples?

Sure! If you request samples, then they may even send free samples and trial size products along with free coupons. Our readers have gotten mixed responses, but either way you cannot lose. It doesn’t hurt to ask! Just remember to be polite!

Where can I find more free mailed coupons?

Sometimes (though rarely), you can also get mailed coupons from the printable coupon sites too! These are rare nowadays, but if you see a link to opt to have it printed instead, simply click that and fill in your mailing address. They’ll send you free coupon books by postal mail.

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Where to Donate Old Coupons

If you have old coupons, you can donate expired coupons to the troops!

Donate expired coupons to troops!

Know of any free coupon books by postal mail that we missed? Let us know!


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