FREE Craft Book: Needle Felting for Beginners on Amazon

FREE Craft Book: Needle Felting for Beginners on Amazon

Felting is so relaxing and satisfying. It has been said, it’s the adult coloring books of 2023! If you haven’t tried it, you really should! And, now it’s easier than ever with this free book on Amazon: Needle Felting for Beginners: The Complete Step by Step Instructions on How to Sculpt with Wool to Craft Out Amazing Needle Felted Animals and Projects with Material to Get You Started.

Okay, guys, have you seen these gorgeous, super creative felties that seem to be all the rage right now? I love them, but none so much as my own cat, Tsuki Maree!  I have a funny story for you!

Last year on Small Business Saturday, I helped organize and promote a huge indoor winter makers market at my local community center. It was filled with 30+ makers and growers; small, local businesses who are often home-based.

Skip ahead to the funny part! Okay, okay, a few details never hurt anyone. lol! There was a needle felter there who made adorable little kittens. She also takes on custom orders for your pet. My cat has very unique markings, so I was really excited to have her create my cat in felt. Well, the price ended up being more than I could justify at that time. So, even though I had sent her more than a dozen pictures of every angle of my kitty, I told her that I was sorry but I couldn’t swing it – and, not to make it.

Fast forward to this year’s Small Business Saturday, we plan another indoor winter makers market (actually, 7 of them throughout winter – it’s so neat!) We start to plan this year’s market and someone posted a picture OF MY CAT as a feltie! I screamed, showed my daughter and she screamed, and I kept screaming for weeks until I got to see the felt cat in person. She did SUCH a good job and we still can’t say FELT TSUKI! without screaming. Ha, ha, ha! She decided the cat’s markings were so beautiful and unique that she had to try it. She made this version 5x bigger to use as a prop to promote her business. Naturally, I had to have it! Sadly, it was 3x more expensive than it would have been for the tiny version last year. I guess they showed me! 😉

If you’re serious about needle felting, check out the highly-rated needle felting starter kits on Amazon. Or, go for a less expensive version of the needle felting starter set that is highly recommended and has everything you need to get started. Finally, I put this needle felting for beginners kit on my Christmas wish list because it has tons of stuff – everything you need, including wool!

About this Free Book

Are you interested in learning how to felt but don’t know where to start?

Are you looking for a simple and well-detailed handbook to help you create your first felted projects?

If you have any of these questions or similar ones on your mind, then this Needle Felting for Beginners is for you.

Needle felting is a hands-on craft where you use a special needle to shape and mold wool fibers into creative designs. It’s perfect for beginners because it’s easy to learn and offers a therapeutic experience. With just a few materials—like wool roving, a felting needle, and a mat—you can start crafting unique sculptures or decorative items.

The process involves poking the wool with the needle, allowing you to create various shapes. It’s a relaxing and meditative activity that doesn’t require complex skills, making it accessible for anyone keen on exploring their creative side. Needle felting is not only enjoyable but also a fulfilling way to express your artistic ideas.

One of the most challenging things about learning felting is understanding the tricks andtips. That’s why this book is here: to make it easier by providing you with clear, step-by-step instructions to master this craft.

This beginners guide will teach you all the knowledge required of you to start your needle felting journey quickly and make you enjoy the numerous benefits of this amazing hobby.

In this Needle Felting for Beginners, you will find the following topics:
Step-by-step instructions with pictures that make it easy to learn the basic felted projects
⭐ Understanding the basic needle felting tips and tricks for beginners
⭐ Understanding how needle felting works and its benefits
⭐ Understanding the basic felting technique’s to embark on before starting
⭐ Preparing your needle felting Tools and Supplies to get started
Pictures and guidelines for each step, so you can easily follow along
⭐ The common mistakes most beginners make and how to avoid them
⭐ The safety precaution for beginners to look out for when embarking on this needle felting journey
Project ideas to get you started so that you can create your very first felted project in no time
Needle Felting FAQs

…& Much More!

If you are a beginner and you want to learn needle felting step by step with simple techniques, easy-to-follow projects, beautiful pictures, and instructions, then this is the book you need!

When you’re ready, go grab your free ebook on Amazon. Of course, make sure of the price as they change often on Amazon.

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