Craftsman Tools Ambassadors: Claim Products NOW to Test & Keep

Craftsman Tools Ambassadors: Claim Products NOW to Test & Keep

Craftsman Tools Ambassadors: Claim Products NOW to Test & Keep

If you are already a Craftsman Tool Ambassador member, then check your account! People are getting dozens of offers for free products to test & keep! If you don’t see anything in your account, then be sure to check your email (hint: search “product selection”) and see if you’ve missed anything recently!

Tips for Craftsman Tool Ambassadors

  • Craftsman Tool Ambassadors is not always open to join; however, if you’re a member, we’ll give you a heads up to check your account!
  • Be sure to set your email to notify you when opportunities become available!
  • Check their website regularly to see if you have any offers; they are very limited!

Need a Craftsman Ambassador Invite? Where do I sign up?

This update is for current ambassadors. At the moment, you can’t join if you aren’t already a Craftsman Tool Ambassador with the Tryit Bazaarvoice Panel. However, stay tuned and we will let you know when they’re open. Because, if chosen, you will receive free Craftsman power tools.

Current Offer

This morning, Craftsman Ambassadors were given products to test & keep. Did you get one? Check your email, or log into your account!

Important Update!

If you didn’t get an offer, then be sure you didn’t miss the email asking you to update your terms & conditions. You must agree to the update or you will be removed from the program! It was sent in February 2020.

This one is never open for long, so be sure to hurry on over and apply! It’s easy to apply, and doesn’t take long. Try It Product Testing is one of the best market research programs you can find. And, they give the best free stuff!

See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.

Free Craftsman Tools Ambassadors: Product Test & Keep

CRAFTSMAN Club Ambassadors Review Writing Guidelines


Quality matters and is one of the criteria we use when inviting members to future offers. We want to publish your review, so please:


  • We want to hear specifically what you like or dislike about the product. Was it easy to use? Was it effective? Tell us exactly what you think!
  • You do not need to mention that you received this product for free, reviews will be automatically badged to signify a free product was received.
  • Do not include any personally identifiable information, such as full names.


  • A product review should focus on the product and product quality. If the review focuses too heavily on delivery or customer service, it may be rejected. If you have these types of issues, please contact us instead, using the Contact Us link under Your Account.
  • Tell us about how you used the product. We want to hear why you selected a certain item and how it is working for you.


  • Including images and videos to show how you use a product or what a product looks like are optional but can be helpful to consumers.


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