FREE Disney Kids Growth Chart + Free Shipping!

FREE Disney Kids Growth Chart + Free Shipping!

Woah! This is a wonderful freebie! If you love Disney and have a little one whose growth you’re charting, then don’t miss this! This super cute and clever growth chart shows which Disney rides your little prince or princess is tall enough to go on while tracking a memory from childhood that cannot be replaced.

With my daughter, we went the traditional route of marking with a pencil on the wall each year on her birthday. I’m proud to say I was on top of it, and kept a very good record of her growth. Unfortunately, when she was 7, we moved! You really can’t take it with you, although I considered it. So, I ended up creating a really cute portable growth chart for a few dollars by attaching two yardsticks together. If you like crafts, be sure to check out our cute and cheap craft site.

But, before you whip up a cute craft like I did, you can also grab this free Disney Growth Chart! Be sure to read my tips on how to find this freebie.

This is a targeted Facebook ad, that not everyone will see. However, we have some tips to help!


Here are some TIPS for finding this freebie. Please keep in mind not everyone will have this in their accounts.

The first thing you’ll want to do is head on over and follow their Facebook and Instagram. Note: this alone will not show you the request form!

Next, go to your favorite search engine and search for the product. You could also visit their website. This “tells” targeted ads that you’re interested in this item. And, they’re more likely to show up for you on various platforms such as Facebook.

Finally, watch for the Sponsored post with the offer in your Facebook newsfeed (example shown below). Please note, it could take a day or two to see it in your newsfeed. Lastly, follow the instructions when you see the offer and fill in your information. After filling out their request form, they’ll send your freebie right to your mailbox!


They grow up so fast! Measure that time with our Disney Kids Growth Wall Chart. Our gift to you. Here’s to the little moments that last a lifetime.



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