Free Factory Tours for Families and Classrooms

Free Factory Tours for Families and Classrooms

Did you know that there are factories that invite the public in for free tours? Whether you’re looking for some free fun at home or on vacation, check out this awesome resource.  Summer is just around the corner. Why not take your kids to see how things are made?!  It gives a whole new level of appreciation for the hard-working folks who make it all happen and for the items being made.  It’s a great way to teach kids not to be wasteful when they realize it’s not just as easy as opening a package. A lot went into getting it to that point.

Visiting a factory might not be your idea of fun. It’s certainly a change from movie night. It’s a great educational way to learn how things are made. Imagine your kids your kids seeing a massive machine churning out their favorite snacks. It’s like stepping into a real-life episode of “How It’s Made”! This is a hands-on experience that’s more engaging than reading about it or watching on a screen.

And, since the tour is free, it’s budget-friendly! Some may even give free samples to sweeten the deal.

I love learning how things work. I once went to a plastic manufacturing plant where they made plastic bottles for Mobil Oil. Watching that kind of good old ingenuity at work is inspiring.  It amazes me how much thought and effort has gone into making and filling one little bottle. My interest is probably from all those years of watching “Picture Picture” on Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. (Giggle!)

Who knew that the process of making a marble could be so amazing? Not to mention, how much goes into how food is made and packaged. Or, any of the regular, everyday stuff we take for granted. So, take your kids on a one-of-a-kind learning experience. Head on over to their website and find Free Factory Tours in the United States. It’s all in one handy reference website. Let us know what gems you find, and if you take any free tours!

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