Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Bonus Code – Earn Free Cat Stuff

Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Bonus Code - Earn Free Kitty Gifts


Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Bonus Code – Earn Free Cat Stuff

If you love cats, then don’t miss this great Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards program! Whether your kitty uses Fresh Step or not, you can score freebies for your feline with this awesome rewards program. Right now, there is another free bonus Paw Points Shelter code you can use to get extra points! Of course, there are several ways to earn Paw Points bonus points, such as submitting a receipt on any cat purchase, inviting friends, subscribe to their newsletter, and you’ll get 100 points to start! So, join the Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards program and get some great free stuff for your kitty. I have received enough points to get two 25 pound boxes of Fresh Step cat litter totally free!


  1. Sign in or sign up for Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards
  2. Go to Rewards
  3. Choose to Enter Your On-Pack Code
  4. Choose “Secret Code” from the drop-down menu
  5. Add the code FELINEGOOD25 for 25 bonus points
  6. Do the activities on the website to earn more free points

Update June 2021: New Paw Points Program

For a limited time, you can still enter codes by logging into your account and clicking the “Enter your on-pack code” option on your Paw Points® dashboard. But, be sure to enter your codes while you can! After that, you can use the contact form on the website and they’ll help you. Because, they’ve gone to a receipt-based system and are no longer putting codes on packages of Fresh Step litter.

What is Fresh Step Rewards? Start Earning Free Paw Points

Get free cat swag with Fresh Step Rewards! Register and get bonus Paw Points just for joining. Then, snag points for opting into their emails. And, finally you can get more free points when you upload receipts for ANY purchase you made for your cat!

Then, you can redeem Paw Points for free litter, coupons, gift cards to Target and Petco, coupons, cat toys and more!

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