FREE Frog, Lizards & Turtle Stickers! + FREE Shipping!

FREE Frog, Lizards & Turtle Stickers! + FREE Shipping!

Subscribe to the free ARC’ives enews (you can unsubscribe at any time), and they’ll send you SIX free stickers! These adorable stickers have salamanders, frogs, lizards, snakes, and turtles! My kids are going to love them!

My daughter absolutely loves frogs! She has 7 pet frogs that she adores and takes such great care of. She’s such a conservationist and I am so proud of her. Conversely, my nephew loves snakes. And, while their pets never visit one another (obviously!), they are both so dedicated to preserving our world for these wonderful creatures. So, this one is near and dear to my heart.

Why do we need to conserve amphibians and reptiles?

Amphibians and reptiles are some of the most fascinating creatures on the planet, but unfortunately, many of these animals are facing serious threats to their survival. Habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and disease are all taking a toll on amphibian and reptile populations around the world. That’s why conservation efforts are so important when it comes to protecting these incredible animals for future generations to enjoy.

One of the key strategies for amphibian and reptile conservation is habitat restoration and protection. This involves identifying critical habitats for these animals and working to preserve and restore those habitats whenever possible. It may involve removing invasive species, replanting native vegetation, or restoring wetlands and other important ecosystems. Another is education; teaching people why we need amphibians and reptiles.

See, these fascinating creatures play a significant role in maintaining the balance of nature. They act as natural pest controllers, consuming insects and other small animals that could otherwise cause damage to our crops and gardens. In addition, they serve as a food source for a variety of other animals, including birds, fish, and larger mammals.

Furthermore, many species of amphibians and reptiles have unique adaptations that offer valuable insights into how life has evolved on our planet. For example, the ability of certain frogs to change color and blend into their surroundings has inspired numerous technological innovations in camouflage and material design. Additionally, the venom of some snakes has been studied for its potential medicinal properties, leading to the development of new treatments for various illnesses and diseases.

Overall, it is essential that we continue to value and protect these creatures. By preserving their habitats and ensuring their survival, we can help maintain the biodiversity of our planet and discover new insights into the natural world.

What is the ARC Project?

ARC saves herps through a strategic, scientific, and passionate approach that allows us to make a real difference. We implement localized, regional, species-based PARCAs (Priority Amphibian and Reptile Conservation Areas) and weave them together across the country into a national strategy capable of making great impact. We practice Transformative Science with the urgency required to save those species and ecosystems at greatest risk.

How can I get free amphibian and reptile stickers?

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*Stickers will be mailed at the conclusion of the campaign and will likely arrive in November 2023
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I’m convinced! Where do I sign up?

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