FREE Full-Size Bare Minerals Makeup with Rewards & Recycling

FREE Full-Size Bare Minerals Makeup with Rewards & Recycling

FREE Full-Size Bare Minerals Makeup with Rewards & Recycling

If you love Bare Minerals makeup, then don’t miss this! Did you know the beauty industry produces over 120 million packages every year? That’s a lot of empty makeup containers going into landfills. So, Bare Minerals created a recycling initiative that makes it easy to dispose of your empties and make a difference. In the time since starting, they have recycled or repurposed tens of thousands of pounds of waste. Besides helping the environment, you can also save money by earning points for recycling your used cosmetics.

What kind of Cosmetics Can You Recycle?

For example, Bare Minerals will accept empty primer, mascara, lip gloss, lipstick, lip liner, makeup brushes, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, foundation, concealer, serum, cleanser, moisturizer, facial masks, hair products, deodorant, lip balm, body wash, shaving cream, talcum powder, and toothpaste.

However, they do not currently accept used aerosols, perfume, nail polish, cleansing pads, and flammable products or packaging. Additionally, glass is not accepted through their mail-in program. You can, however, turn in empty glass containers in person.

About Bare Minerals makeup

In 1995, Leslie Blodgett launched bareMinerals, introducing the masses to the skin-improving benefits of mineral makeup. Then, in 1997, Leslie began selling bareMinerals’ first line of products on QVC.

By 2005, they had sold 1 million products through their infomercials. In the past 13 years, bareMinerals launched more products, such as COMPLEXION RESCUE® Tinted Moisturizer, BAREPRO® Liquid Foundation, and the SKINLONGEVITY® collection.

Free Bare Minerals Makeup Online

Give Back Get Back

bareMinerals is on a mission to better your skin—and the planet. Use up every last drop of your favorite formulas, then recycle your empties.

Head over to Bare Mineral’s web page, and add a FREE mail-in recycling kit to your next order. Then, place your empty bareMinerals products inside, and use the pre-paid USPS label to return for recycling. A shipping charge will be added if this kit is ordered alone (without other products). If you’re not buying other items, you can always stop by a store instead.

When you send in a recycling kit you will earn 20 points toward free makeup.

How to Recycle Bare Minerals Makeup in Store

It’s straightforward and easy! Just bring in full-size makeup and skincare empties from any brand and look for the “Give Back, Get Back” stand in any bareMinerals boutique. When you turn in empties in-store, they’ll reward you with 5 loyalty points (maximum 5 items per day, per customer).

In conjunction with a free bareMinerals Good Rewards loyalty account, you can turn in empty containers and earn rewards for free full-size products.

About Bare Minerals Recycling Program

Proceeds generated by our recycling program are donated to help alleviate hunger in local communities, in partnership with the g2 revolution® Feed the Future initiative.

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