Free Gas Vouchers for Low-Income – Charities Assistance

Free Gas Vouchers for Low-Income – Charities Assistance

If you’re struggling to make ends meet, then don’t miss this! Because, you can request a Free gas vouchers for low-income families.  If you need help, this could mean the difference between getting to work or missing out on that paycheck. If you’re unemployed or on disability, low-income or on government assistance, you may qualify! Because, there are several charity organizations who offer free gas vouchers. For example, Catholic Charities and Salvation Army offer free gas cards to those who really need it. In other words, people who qualify can get financial help. And, one of the ways is free gas vouchers! They may also help with paying bills, counseling, finding a job, getting food and lots more!

Each org has its own set of requirements. But, if you’re financially in need, then don’t miss this help! For free gas vouchers, they may require that the car be registered to your name and that you have a driver’s license. But, give the organization closest to you a call and ask them what you need to bring with you.

SIX Organizations that Give Free Gas Vouchers

1. Dial 2-1-1 Essential Community Services Assistance

Probably the best place to start seeking assistance is by simply dialing 211. In the United States, you can dial 211 from any phone and reach the 2-1-1 Essential Community Services Assistance Hotline. Available in all 50 states, D.C. and Puerto Rico, 2-1-1 covers 94.6 percent of the total U.S. population.

In many states, dialing “211” provides individuals and families in need with a shortcut through what can be a bewildering maze of health and human service agency phone numbers.  By simply dialing 211, those in need of assistance can be referred, and sometimes connected, to appropriate agencies and community organizations.

211 works a bit like 911. Calls to 211 are routed to the organization who can best assist. For example, services are available for the elderly, disabled, non-English speaking, those in a personal crisis, those with limited reading skills, or who are new to their community.

Some 2-1-1 Resources

  • Basic Human Needs Resources – including food and clothing banks, shelters, rent assistance, and utility assistance.
  • Physical and Mental Health Resources – including health insurance programs, Medicaid and Medicare, maternal health resources, health insurance programs for children, medical information lines, crisis intervention services, support groups, counseling, and drug and alcohol intervention and rehabilitation.
  • Work Support – including financial assistance, job training, transportation assistance and education programs.
  • Access to Services in Non-English Languages – including language translation and interpretation services to help non-English-speaking people find public resources (Foreign language services vary by location.)
  • Support for Older Americans and Persons with Disabilities – including adult day care, community meals, respite care, home health care, transportation and homemaker services.
  • Children, Youth and Family Support – including child care, after-school programs, educational programs for low-income families, family resource centers, summer camps and recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring and protective services.
  • Suicide Prevention – referral to suicide prevention help organizations. Callers can also dial the following National Suicide Prevention Hotline numbers which are operated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services

So, if you’re trying to reach any of the rest of the organizations in this list, you may be able to quickly do so by dialing 2-1-1. Find out more at

2. Salvation Army Free Gas Vouchers for Low Income

The Salvation Army is known for providing services to those in need. From free meals to temporary housing, help with bills, immigration services, jobs and more. The Salvation Army is also one of the organizations that occasionally give free cards to buy gas. According to our readers, they offer this assistance once a year. So, if you need help, then contact them! Situations that may qualify include mandatory travel. For example, needing to travel for work, medical treatment, or caring for elderly or disabled family member. Free gas vouchers are available annually. So, contact the Salvation Army near you and inquire.

The Salvation Army is divided into regions. So, you can find your local Salvation Army by going to this website and selecting your region. Then, contact them to see what they require.

3. Catholic Charities assistance for the needy

If you’re struggling financially, then reach out to faith-based Catholic Charities. They offer help in paying bills, rent, utilities, clothing and immigration services. They also help with disaster services, emergency financial assistance, emergency shelter, food, pantry and other nutritional services.

Catholic Charities also hosts their Catholic Charities toy drive every year which provides free toys and gifts to needy families.

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4. Saint Vincent de Paul Financial Help

When you think of St. Vincent de Paul, you may think of their awesome thrift stores. But, they also offer financial help to purchase gas. To qualify, your income must meet their requirements. However, if you’re receiving assistance from a government agency should qualify for help with gas too. As with the organizations above, if you don’t qualify for their assistance be sure to ask them to refer you to another org they work with.

5. The United Way

The United Way is a charity which helps those in need find temporary shelter, gasoline vouchers, utility assistance and bill pay, addiction services, and re-entry programs for ex-convicts. Additionally, they support food pantries and food banks, and provide free healthcare clinics and dental programs. They also offer Veteran support services.

6. Your Local Church

While so many are struggling, you may not need to look any farther than your local church. Church Assistant Programs help impoverished families with things like paying bills, rent, food and gas vouchers to get to work, essential appointments, and more. Reach out to your church directly to see what you need to do to qualify.


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