Free General Mills Halloween Sample Box! (Gratsy)

Free General Mills Halloween Sample Box!

Free General Mills Halloween Sample Box!

Head on over to your Gratsy App, and see if you have the offer for a free Halloween box! Then, take quick screener to see if you qualify! Before you go, be sure to read our tips! If you don’t have the offer right now, check back in a few hours and/or tomorrow.

Gratsy is a mobile application that offers free sample boxes to its users. The app connects users with different brands and products that they might be interested in trying out. Users can sign up for Gratsy and fill out a personal profile that helps the app determine which products would be most relevant to them.

Once signed up, users can browse through the available sample boxes and select the ones they are interested in receiving. If they are selected, Gratsy will send out a sample box containing the chosen products. The app also encourages users to share their thoughts and experiences with the products they receive on social media platforms.

Gratsy is a great way for users to discover new products and brands, and also gives brands a chance to reach a wider audience through the app’s user base. Overall, Gratsy is a fun and easy way to try out new products and share your experiences with others.


  • If you don’t have the offer right now, it may be time to update your Gatsy profile!

Fans have been getting Gratsy boxes for years! The last one took about 3 weeks from when I requested it.

If you haven’t joined Gratsy, grab their free app on App Store or Google Play. Then, create an account and complete the welcome survey. When the popup comes up and says “Allow us to send you notifications,” make sure to let them! In other words, turn on push notifications for this app. It could take up to 10 minutes or more to receive notifications that you qualify for freebies.

I’ve received several Gratsy boxes. Check your email too, because there are several places they may notify you. And, of course, stay tuned to and we’ll let you know when we find more freebies!

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