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Free Halloween Joke Book For Kids (Amazon)

Free Halloween Joke Book For Kids

Free Halloween Joke Book For Kids

What kid doesn’t love telling funny and amusing jokes? Grab your free ebook on Amazon  Halloween Joke Book for Kids: Actually Funny Halloween Jokes and Halloween Knock Knock Jokes for Toddlers, Kids Ages 4-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12 Years old,  just in time for Halloween.  Your child can amuse family and friends with these funny jokes.

This book has over 60 funny Halloween monster jokes and riddles!

This Cute Halloween joke book for kids Ideal gift for Halloween party!
Our Halloween jokes and riddles book consists of 60 funny actual friendly Halloween jokes and silly knock knock jokes.


All clean family-friendly jokes

Contains Knock Knock jokes

Jokes about ghosts, vampires, mummies, pumpkins, and more

Easy for younger children to understand

Some examples of the jokes found in this book:

kids jokes 1

kids jokes 2


Of course, prices change often on Amazon. So, please be sure of the price before you buy.

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