Free Heart Health Book by Mail ~ Available Again!

Free Heart Health Book by Mail ~ Available Again!

If you want to learn the signs of heart failure, then get this free Heart Failure handbook! Keep it Pumping is giving away these handbooks to help keep people safe and healthy. Knowing the signs can prevent death! So, this freebie could be a lifesaver.

The heart’s job is to pump oxygen and blood full of nutrients around the body so it can work normally. When your heart isn’t pumping strongly enough, your body can’t get the blood and oxygen it needs, which may cause symptoms or worse.

Did you know 1 in 5 people will develop Heart Failure in their lifetime?

Heart Failure is a serious condition that’s often misunderstood. Get the facts.

If you have HF, or are caring for someone who does, here are the most important symptoms to monitor. Keep in mind that you may have some symptoms, but not others. Call your doctor if you notice new symptoms or if those you already have become worse.

Head on over and request your free copy of Heart Failure, the Handbook.

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