Free Hearts of Fire Paperback Book + Shipped Free

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Free Hearts of Fire Paperback Book + Shipped Free

Free Hearts of Fire Paperback Book + Shipped Free

If you love freebies by mail, then get this! Because, you can get this free paperback book by mail. And, shipping is free.

What is this Free Book by Mail?

The Voice of the Martyrs invites you to request a complimentary copy of one of their bestselling books, Hearts of Fire, (foreword by Gracia Burnham).

Eight women from eight very different backgrounds, yet the struggles they each faced rang with similarity. From Pakistan, India, Romania, the former Soviet Union, China, Vietnam, Nepal, and Indonesia, these women shared similar experiences of hardship and persecution—all for their faith in Christ—yet they have emerged from adversity as leaders and heroines.

Along with your free copy of Hearts of Fire, you will also receive The Voice of the Martyrs’ award-winning newsletter, (also complimentary), providing information about Christian persecution worldwide while sharing practical opportunities to help those who are persecuted for their faith.

Disclaimer: we post all legit freebies and let you decide which you’d like to get. Posting in no way suggests an endorsement by this website. Please do not comment with personal attacks, religion, politics or proselytizing. If this particular offer isn’t for you, please feel free to pass. We’ll still love ya! Thanks!


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