FREE Insulated Trunk Organizer + Free 2nd AARP Membership

Free Insulated Trunk Organizer with AARP Special Membership

Believe it or not, there’s NO age requirement to join AARP! You will need to sign up for AARP, but if you’ve hung around for any length of time you already know why I think that’s such an incredible deal. You save SO much money with this member card, I can’t think of any program like it that holds a candle to AARP. When you join, you can score your choice of a handy insulated trunk organizer or a 5-port charging hub — free with your membership. Right now, AARP is offering memberships for only $12 for the first year.

And, you can score a free AARP membership while you’re at it!

This cool trunk organizer sells for $12 on Amazon, and you can get it free. So, you’ll get a 1-year  membership for up to two in your household –which can save you hundreds of dollars per year — AND the organizer — all for $12. This is a no-brainer!

We actually had AARP a few years ago but let it lapse. They gave it to us for $12 for the first year, as if we were new even though they found our membership. Sweet!

Get a FREE Insulated Trunk Organizer with Membership

Your Insulated Trunk Organizer is perfect for travel and day-to-day activities.

  • Three large sections with two sturdy handles for easy carrying.
  • Insulated lining keeps groceries cooler, longer.
  • Folds away compactly when not in use.
  • Expands to fit groceries, travel accessories, sports gear, and more.

Sample Savings with AARP

You’ll get the free AARP magazine subscription, plus huge savings on everyday things and on special occasions like travel. Your membership will more than pay for itself.

  • Restaurants: up to 15% – don’t miss our list of 150+ Senior Discounts, many are through AARP!
  • Airfare: up to $200 round trip
  • Car Rentals: up to 30%
  • Cruises: up to $100 per person
  • Hotels & Resorts: up to 20%
  • Earn points with AARP Loyalty Program while you’re saving!
  • Prescription eyewear
  • and MUCH more!

Age Requirement for AARP

While AARP is dedicated to people over 50, there is no minimum age to join. People of all ages can get an AARP membership for as low as $12 per year with auto-renewal.

How to get a FREE AARP Membership

When you sign up for AARP, you can enjoy a second membership totally free for someone else in your household. The second membership gets all of the discounts and perks as any member would. How sweet is that? And, remember, the first year is just $12!

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