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MySurvey: Possible FREE Laundry Detergent & More (Apply)

FREE Laundry Detergent & Fabric Softener - 3 Week Supply (Apply)

MySurvey: Possible FREE Laundry Detergent & More (Apply)

Head on over and join MySurvey today! Then, you’ll be periodically invited to apply for product tests such as the FREE Laundry Detergent and Fabric Softener for 3 weeks, delivered to your mailbox!

Membership is free and you could make some pretty decent money!

We love PAID product tests! But, not everyone will be chosen for every opportunity. We share legit companies that offer product tests, and other perks. If you’re interested in joining, just follow the link and sign up.

Some of the best MySurvey opportunities our fans have shared:

Let us know if you get in, and what you think. We love hearing which survey sites have the best rewards!!

Want to earn your way to a FREE Christmas? Be sure to follow ALL of our tips for legit ways to earn money online! It’s a great way to save up some extra cash! Earn enough to pay for those HOT deals we post about, or use to buy yourself something extra special! I haven’t paid for gifts in four years because of the survey companies I work for!        


Fourthly, Giveaways, Sweepstakes or Contests require you to submit an entry to win. There are a limited number of prizes, and not everyone wins. The items are often very valuable and well worth taking a chance on winning!


Fifthly, Free with Coupons – just like it sounds! We match up store sales, rebates, cash back, coupons and more to score totally free stuff that you can pick up at your local store.


Honorable mention: surveys. I hesitate to even say “surveys” because so many people incorrectly believe freebie sites are scams that just make you take endless surveys. That’s not true, and that’s not us. If you’re taking endless surveys you’re doing something wrong.

How to get free stuff: You just follow the links from this website,, which you’re on right now, to get to the offering company’s webpage. From there, follow the directions we shared on this website to get your free stuff.

Want to learn more about Freebies?

You can buy my book on Amazon, How to Get Anything Free – or I’ll give it to you for free if you sign up for the GimmiEclub, our free daily email.


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