Free Leap Years Dog Supplement ($117 Value!) Free Shipping

Free Leap Years Dog Supplement ($117 Value!) Free Shipping

Do you have a dog? I have three, and they’re all getting older. Snoopy is 16, but he’s still going strong! My two chocolate labs are middle age and actually Ginger is starting to show her age. She has a harder time getting up, and if she runs too hard she limps a little bit.

It’s so hard to see them struggle and show signs of aging. They are my babies and I love them so much! I’m really excited to try this Leap Years supplement. I really hope it works!

About Leap Years

Animal Bioscience is all about combining our love for pets with expertise in veterinary medicine, science, and business. The CEO, along with business partner, CVMO Dr. Ginny Rentko, are super proud to have launched Leap Years, a two-part cellular health system designed to slow down the effects of aging in dogs.

Their journey began in 2017 when the founder, Nick Sinclair, had a chat with his brother David Sinclair AO, a top scientist in aging research at Harvard. They realized that they could combine their different backgrounds and passions to create something amazing. And so, Animal Bioscience was born! They then teamed up with Dr. Rentko, who brought her experience in clinical medicine and veterinary drug development to the mix.

Their studies involved testing NAD+ boosters in elderly pet dogs. Pet parents reported improvements in activity, body condition, and even cognition! So, they knew they were onto something. They then identified a new NAD+ booster in the nicotinamide family, specifically for companion animals. With the results of their studies, they were able to create a unique two-part system that combines a NAD+ booster and a senolytic.

They’re now conducting a clinical trial of pet dogs, working with a leading gerontologist and Professor of Neurology at North Carolina State University College of Veterinary Medicine. They’re excited to see the results and to give pet parents and veterinary professionals the confidence that their system can help slow down aging in their furry friends.

Imagine being able to slow down aging in your best friend. Who wouldn’t want to try it!?

Benefits of Leap Year

  • Limits cognitive decline for increased engagement
  • Helps to strengthen muscles for enhanced movement
  • Positively impacts your dog’s vitality and brain function
  • Extends the health and vitality of your dog as they age

Choose your dog’s breed & size

You will have the choice between Small Breeds (less than 22 lbs), Medium Breeds (22-54 lbs), Large Breeds (55-76 lbs) or X-Large Breeds (77+ lbs).

Coupon Code

They’re offering first-time customers a free month, up to a $116.99 value, and free shipping with coupon code TRYLY applied to the cart.

Subscription for Health

Please note that this is a subscription service. So, if you don’t want to continue you will want to cancel.

However, I was able to use a prepaid card with a very low balance to check out. So, even if I forget to cancel they will not be able to charge the card. Of course, I’m hoping that we love this product so we can continue to get it for my 7.5-year-old dog who acts like an old lady!

When you’re ready, head on over to Leap Years and check out their products. Find the one that’s right for your pet and check out with the special coupon code to make it totally free with free shipping. But, remember, it’s a subscription so you’ll want to decide if you love it and want to continue or if you should cancel before they send more and charge you.


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