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LEGO Life Magazine: FREE Subscription for Kids – Worldwide

If you love LEGOs, then don’t miss this awesome freebie! With an adult’s permission, Kids can join the LEGO VIP Club for free. And, when you do, you’ll get the LEGO Magazine totally free! Additionally, you’ll get updates about free model builds and other fun events at LEGO stores.You can also get free replacements for missing LEGO parts.

No credit card is required, and there’s nothing to cancel. It’s just free.

Why join LEGO VIP Club? How much does it cost?

When you join, you’ll become part of a worldwide community of talented, creative, and incredibly imaginative fellow builders, all in a completely safe and secure way. Submit your brick creations to them. And, they could even be featured in LEGO Life magazine for the whole world to see!

They have free tutorials, instructions, and even free replacements for missing parts!

Best of all membership and the LEGO Magazine is totally free.

LEGO Life Magazine: FREE Subscription for Kids Worldwide

What is LEGO Life Magazine and why is it free?

LEGO Life Magazine is formerly known as LEGO Club Magazine and LEGO Club Jr Magazine. It’s a super fun way to stay plugged into the wonderful world of LEGO toys. It’s free and always has been, because it’s not only a way for you to stay plugged in, it’s a way for them to advertise and get the word out about new products and events.

Get the FREE LEGO® Life Magazine

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 9 you can get them a FREE subscription to the LEGO Life Magazine. The magazine is delivered directly to your home five times a year. Even shipping is free!

And right now, all new subscribers also get a printable activity pack!

Get Your Free Lego Life Magazine

So, claim your LEGO Magazine for Kids! This free club includes access to its online community and news about free events.

Simply request your free LEGO Life Magazine subscription by entering your address in your account. It’s easy and free to get this. Children under 5 may want to check out DUPLOS, and kids older than ten would probably like the free LEGO Life App!

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