FREE Kid’s Safety Kit, Fingerprint ID DNA + Free Shipping


FREE Kid’s Safety Kit, Fingerprint ID DNA + Free Shipping

If you have kids, then you need this freebie! I’ve been promoting free kid’s safe kits for the entire time I’ve been freebie blogging – well over 18 years now! Also, wow! I haven’t really taken a minute to figure out how long it’s been since I’ve been finding freebies and sharing them with our readers. It’s a hobby I found when my daughter was born because I wanted to figure out a way to make a little extra money and work from home. I started doing surveys and product tests, and loved it! The more I got into finding freebies the more I realized there were fake offers and phishing scams that other freebie hunters were sharing widely. I wanted to protect my friends and readers, so I started the Big List of Fake Freebies to Avoid. It might seem like I’m off on another tangent, but actually, the Fake Freebie List is an investigative effort to keep my loved ones safe. That’s just like what the kid’s safety kit is!

Beware of Child Safe Kit Scams

Sadly, when you’re trying to protect your children you might encounter unscrupulous people who want to steal your child’s identity.

According to WAFB, scammers are preying on concerned parents who want to make sure their child is safe.

The scam version, however, would also require the parent to provide sensitive personal information about the child, including their full name, address, birthdate, and Social Security or Social Insurance number to the company. The BBB reports some parents claimed the scammer required they meet the child in person at their home.

All of the provided information can be used to steal a child’s identity.

Rule of thumb: when completing a child safety kit, YOU keep the information safe. Do not provide it to anyone except authorities in the event of an actual emergency. If someone is pressuring you to give them the info, then it’s time to call the authorities and report it!

It’s also a good idea to check your child’s credit report periodically. We’ve found ways that you can get a free credit report.

What is a Kids Safety Kit?

In short, a kids safety kit contains information to guide you through collecting all the important statistics about your child. In case of an emergency, having all that information in one place will safe precious time. Then, you won’t have to try to find it when you need it fast.

Kids Safety Kits are twofold. First, they are usually a packet to collect things like fingerprints, DNA samples, important health information, health insurance specifics, and things like your medical professionals’ contact info. But don’t worry, you’re not giving this info to some sketchy company, it’s for you to keep safe until you might need it. Second, they have guides on how and who to call in the event of an emergency. Of course, everyone knows how to dial 9-1-1, but if your child is missing you’ll want to know how to go about reporting it to the right authorities.

Where to Find Child Safe Fingerprint and DNA Kits

There are two different offers that we’ve found for free kids safety kits. The first is McGruff, which has been around for several years. The second is an updated offer that I just found from Child Safe Kit. Be sure to scroll down and read through my findings, and claim them both. You can get multiple kits from each offer.

Who is McGruff?

McGruff is the Crime Dog who helps teach kids about staying safe. From Wikipedia: McGruff the Crime Dog is an anthropomorphic animated bloodhound created by Dancer Fitzgerald Sample advertising executive Jack Keil through the Ad Council and later the National Crime Prevention Council to increase crime awareness and personal safety in the United States.

To order a Free McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit, head to their website and request one or more. Then, they’ll mail it to you for nothing. You can claim up to five McGruff Safe Kids ID kits at one time.


FREE McGruff Safe Kids Fingerprint ID Kit by Mail

The McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit includes:

  • Tear-out fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink
  • McGruff the Crime Dog tear-out emergency numbers card
  • 9-1-1 emergency instructions
  • Personal record card
  • DNA collection tips
  • Quizzes and games that reinforce the safety message

This free DNA kit includes a fingerprint card with child-safe fingerprint ink, McGruff the Crime Dog tear-out emergency numbers card, 911 Instructions, a Personal Record Card, and DNA Collection Tips.

In addition, you’ll get Fun, family-friendly quizzes and games reinforcing the safety message. The McGruff Child Safe Kids ID Kit adds extra assurance for the family and shows our ongoing support and commitment to the community.

FREE McGruff Safe Kids ID Kit by Mail

Who is Child Safe Kit

Child Safe Kit is a website that has been around for a long time and also offers free Children’s Safety Fingerprint Kits.

And, there’s also another Childrens Safe Kit available. You can order up to 6 or more of these free child safety kits here.

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