Tryit Sampling Community Waitlist – Important Update!

Tryit Sampling Community Waitlist – Important Update!

If you love getting free products to review, then this is THE program to get in to! Because the Bazaarvoice TryIt Sampling Community has the best freebies around. In other words, Try It members regularly get sampling opportunities to choose awesome, high-value, free stuff to test and keep. However, it is really hard to get an invite to join.

Is TryIt Open to Join?

Just like a relationship status on Facebook, the answer to that is: it’s complicated.

While you can join right now, it’s not the same as it once was. TryIt Sampling has merged with Influenster. For now, TryIt is still operating. But, they have announced that the two will become one in the future.

The good news is, you can join Influenster if you haven’t already. While more people prefer TryIt over Influenster, my hope is that Influenster will become more like TryIt and not the other way around. So, head on over and Sign Up! Then, they’ll contact you when they have an open spot that you qualify for.

Why is Tryit so Beloved?

Just look at this super cute owl water fountain I got recently. I love it! And, it’s just one of MANY things I’ve gotten for free from TryIt.  Bazaar Voice Try It Sampling is without a doubt the best sampling community I have ever been a part of, in my opinion.

Since the news that TryIt and Influester plan to merge, both programs have changed a bit. Again, my hope is that they will balance each other out and hopefully become more like TryIt when all is said and done.

What is the Tryit Sampling Community?

I can’t tell you how awesome this one is! But, let me try! I got a couple more items in the mail today from them, as a matter of fact!

Tryit sampling community is by invite only, and since they’re merging with Influester you can sign up for that now.

When TryIt was on its own, my two daughters signed up on the waitlist way back, last summer. One of them got accepted a few weeks later. She got an email saying she could join. My other daughter has never been accepted.

UPDATE September 2021: TryIt is merging with Influenster!

They haven’t announced what the changes are yet, but stay tuned for more info as we get it!

UPDATE #2 October 2021: What is happening!?

Update #2: rumor has it that the “big change” they announced (that scared everyone!) is mostly just a change in the way the website looks. We haven’t confirmed that with them. Stay tuned!

If you love TryIt Sampling, check out all our category of free products to test and keep!

Update #3 August 2023: Not much change?

Knock on wood, not much has changed with TryIt and it’s still operating. One thing that’s been noted is that there are a lot more small items to review as opposed to the large, high-priced items they used to offer. Is this a sign of the times?

So, what is TryIt looking for?

This was written when Tryit’s application to join was open. It has since closed and now you can apply for Influenster instead.

TryIt’s application is fairly standard. They ask for your name, email, address, gender, and age. Then, they ask, Are children under 18 in your home? And, are there any pets in your home? Also, are you expecting a child? Finally, they ask you to, Tell us about yourself and your interests!

Earlier, I told you about my two daughters applying at the same time. Well, one got accepted, and one didn’t. Here are their situations:

Firstly, they both live in the same town, near each other. So, geographical location doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor although it could be that there are a limited number of people per area.

Secondly, it’s not first come, first served.

Thirdly, they’re both female (obviously).

Fourthly, they’re six years apart. The older one (41) was chosen.

For the rest of the questions, they both have kids under 18 in the home. They both have pets. And, neither was expecting a child.

Finally, that leaves us with the last question:  Tell us about yourself and your interests!

My answer was: I love trying new products after researching what will be best for my family. I like to save money, but the reviews of my friends and peers are more important. I consider myself a leader in trying new things first, and engaging with brands I care about on social media and in person. I’m known for finding the best, most effective products available.

Don’t miss the small box at the bottom of the form that asks if you’d be interested in other sampling opportunities. Of course, you would! My daughter’s both answered yes.

Desperately Seeking Engaged Consumers

One thing they specifically say is that they’re looking for engaged consumers. They want smart, savvy shoppers who want the most for their investment. They want someone who is plugged in – whether it is to a brand or a community of like-minded people. After all, someone who engages is someone who gets involved.

Consumer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a company. It’s brand loyalty with emotion. For example, there are those who prefer a certain kind of ketchup but will buy whatever is on sale. Conversely, there are those who cheer from the highest mountains (of French fries?) that Heinz ketchup is the best, hands-down, and anything else just will not cut the mustard. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty.

Tips to Get Accepted into TryIt Sampling Community by BazaarVoice

Since they want well-written reviews, your application should also be well-written. You should be clear, concise, and you can use industry buzzwords. For example, you’re motivated by word-of-mouth peer reviews. And, you tend to be the first in your group to try new products. While you are also known for being loyal to your favorite brands. And, of course, you research the best product options before purchasing, so that you can make smart, informed decisions.

How TryIt sampling program works

After being accepted and signing up, go to the sampling community login, and fill out your profile as completely as possible. This is how you are matched with products to review.

Then, TryIt sampling program will post offers on your Try It dashboard. They send you an email with new offers, but it’s so competitive that by the time you get the emails, it’s usually too late. People who get the most out of this program have to stalk their account to try not to miss the good stuff. In other words, check your TryIt dashboard very often to see if you’ve been offered anything new.

After you have had a chance to use the item they will ask you for a review of that product. They usually give you about two weeks to use the product before they want the review.

Absolute MUST KNOW Advice for TryIt Members

So, TryIt Sampling does allow two people in the same household to be product testers. But, they make sure that each person is doing their own reviews. For example, I have heard they look at IP addresses. So, be warned because some people use the same computer or the same phone.

Get on this wait list! So, when they have an opening they’ll send you an email to join. Emails come from TryIt Sampling <>. The email will include a personal invitation link. Don’t miss your TryIt sampling invite!

Of course, Tryit Sampling is a review program. So, once you receive an item, you will be required to leave a review on their website. In other words, be sure to do your reviews! Or, you will be removed from the program if you fail to complete reviews in a timely manner. Sometimes they ask for the reviews before you’ve received the product. Of course, there’s no need to stress over that. When you do get the product, then write the review within the next few days. They will email again with a “final” request for review. As a result, don’t wait very long after receiving a final notice!

TryIt Sampling Tips & Tricks (aka Do’s and Don’ts)

Once you’re accepted into the TryIt Community, you must respect that it is a confidential program. They’re adamant about being secretive. So, don’t share secret information about the program outside the program. And, it’s absolutely vital that you follow the rules. Or, you will be removed from the program. As a result, if you are removed, their decision is final.

  • You can have up to two people per household in the program.
  • You cannot have one person acting like two people! In other words, do your own reviews. Don’t use the same device to do reviews for two people. You may even want to take your phone off of your WiFi when reviewing so that it is clearly two different people doing their own reviews. Be careful about sharing a computer to access two different accounts!
  • You may share photos of what you received from TryIt. However, do not share your dashboard or things that are available to encourage others to go check their accounts.
  • DO YOUR REVIEWS! They usually give you about two weeks to try the product and then complete the review for each item. You will be removed from the program if you fail to complete reviews in a timely manner. They will email with a “final request” for review. Do not procrastinate; do your reviews.

A few of the TryIt Sampling reviews I’ve gotten

Since joining Try It Sampling Program a few years ago, my husband and I have gotten over 200 free things from this program!

  • 4×4 X-treme Off-roader
  • Abuelita granulated hot chocolate drink mix
  • Aspercreme Lidocaine No-Mess w/lavender Essentials
  • Baretraps Shoes
  • Blood pressure monitor with smart measure technology
  • Blue ginger refresh dry shampoo
  • Chocolate chocolate chunk cookie pie
  • Claritin cool mint chewables
  • Coach dreams spray
  • Cristal Xtra Bold Assorted
  • Dell Pro Stereo Headset
  • Disney Frozen 2 Pop adventures portable popup Arendelle castle playset with Elsa & Anna Dolls
  • Family Style Lasagna with meat & sauce
  • Fancy Feast sliced poultry & beef cat food, 24 cans

Tryit Sampling Community Waitlist is OPEN

TryIt Freebies

The TryIt Sampling Community is truly one of a kind, and the best of its kind. It’s hard to explain, but trust me, it’s one you don’t want to miss.

  • GE Wireless motion sensor alarm with key chain remote
  • Grandma’s Doilies Quartent 2 x 2 ft PVC glue-up in ceiling tile in antique silver
  • Hurley Drift Chino short, boys 8-20
  • Ladera towel ring chrome
  • Lauren Ralph Lauren Coleena Smoking Flats
  • Levi’s graphic T-shirt big kid boys
  • Levi’s Twill Jogger in regular & husky
  • June 3-Piece Cotton Medallion Print Duvet Cover Set
  • JCPenney Home Level 1 Down Alternative Comforter
  • Mr. Coffee Advanced Brew 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker
  • Nature made extra strength magnesium oxide 400

More TryIt Reviews Free Stuff

Bazaarvoice TryIt Sampling invites are worth their weight in gold! So, login and get started today!

  • Nerf alpha strike fang QS 4 targeting set
  • Nerf Marvel Avengers: Endgame Iron Man Assembler gear blaster
  • Nestle Toll House edible cookie dough chocolate chip
  • Olay Daily hydrating cleansing cloths w/grapeseed extract makeup remover
  • One step cleanser toner
  • Ozark Trail Lil Traveler backpack
  • ProSteam Garment Steamer
  • ProTherapy Elite – shiatsu and vibration neck massager with heat
  • Pure Sleep cool copper mattress pad
  • Purina ONE True Instinct chicken wet cat food recipe in gravy
  • Shark ION robot vacuum R87 with WiFi
  • Skittles darkside bite size candies
  • Small aging 12+ pouch dog food
  • Superfoods Womens One NGMO
  • Tidy Cats naturally strong unscented cat litter
  • Versace Bright Crystal Eau de Toilette spray, 3 oz
  • Zmodo Greet Pro WiFi Video Doorbell
  • and more!


How Product Tests Work

So, it’s important to understand what to expect. We share several types of freebies. Of course, all are similar in that they’re 100% free, and totally legitimate. But, knowing what to expect will help set you up for success!

Types of Freebies

“Easy Freebies”

Firstly, easy freebies are just that – super easy to get. You just follow the hyperlinks from this website to the offering company’s site and give them your shipping information so they can send you a freebie. Everyone who requests one properly gets one. They’re often small, free samples of products. Find all of the Easy Freebies by Mail on our website!

Product Tests

Secondly, Product Tests, such as TryIt Sampling, have a few more steps. But, since they’re usually full-size products and more valuable items, it’s worth it! Sometimes there may be a short survey so that you can be matched up with the products and/or companies looking for people like you. Of course, product tests always have a limited supply of free things. So, you’re applying to get the freebie but it’s not guaranteed. Often, product tests require that you try the item and review it or tell them what you think of it. Not to be confused with “free with a review.” See our big list of Product Test opportunities and learn more here.


Thirdly, Free with Review products often come from Amazon sellers who are looking to boost their products trustworthiness to potential buyers. In other words, they’ll give you free product if you promise to review. However, TryIt Sampling could be considered to be in this category of the previous one.

How to get free stuff: You just follow the links from this website,, which you’re on right now, to get to the offering company’s webpage. From there, follow the directions we shared on this website to get your free stuff.

Want to learn more about Freebies?

You can buy my book on Amazon, How to Get Anything Free – or I’ll give it to you for free if you sign up for the GimmiEclub, our free daily email.

Don’t miss another freebie! Get Instant Freebie Alerts here! Find the Newest Freebies posted here! Then, JOIN all of our FB Groups!

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