Free Rocket Photo Frame Kit & Card for Father’s Day

Free Rocket Photo Frame Kit & Card for Father's Day

Free Rocket Photo Frame Kit & Card for Father’s Day

If your kids love crafts, then don’t miss this awesome freebie! Head to JCPenney Kis Zone on Saturday, June 8th, from 11 a.m. until Noon. Kids will get to make a Free Rocket Photo Frame with Card for Father’s Day. The kid will include a card and photo frame kit materials.

Also, parents will receive a 10% off coupon that can be redeemed in-store the same day. Even better, for this one day the coupon can be combined with any other coupons JCPenney is offering!

Mark your calendar for this FREE fun JCPenney Kids Zone craft!

What’s the JCPenny Kids Zone Club Craft Next Month?

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What You Get Free

Kids get a fun craft, ID badge, lanyard, collector’s pins and project master medallion once they complete 6 projects! Parents get a special 10% off coupon to shop in store, one day only!

About JCPenney Kids Zone

JCPenney’s Kid Zone offers free craft classes for children on the second Saturday of every month! Kids get a super fun craft project to make and take home – totally free! They’ll also get an ID Badge, a lanyard, collectors pins. If they complete 6 projects/classes, they will also get a Project Master Medallion! Parents get a 10% off coupon to shop in store that day! Visit your local JCPenney store for the monthly Kids Zone Event with your kids to build fun crafts and get a special 10% off in-store coupon!

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