FREE A&W Root Beer Float on Your Birthday!

FREE Root Beer Float on Your Birthday!

Is it true that A&W Rootbeer’s got that forsty mug taste? Only A&W has that frosty mug taste… If so, then you better get yourself over to sign up for the Mug Club, to get free stuff! I mean, who doesn’t love root beer?

I can remember going to the drive-up at A&W in the neighboring town. It was such an iconic piece of Americana! The waitresses were wearing roller skates, and they’d come to take your order. The car we had featured a glove compartment that, when opened, you could set your drink on! I have no idea what kind of car it was, but it was cool!

And of course, when your family ordered the Papa Burger, Momma Burger, and Baby Burger baskets, the waitress would skate them over and put them on the tray that sat on your dad’s window. What an incredible memory. What a time to be alive!

You can make new memories when you join the A&W Root Beer Mug Club. Smile, because you’re on your way to bargains!

Then, you’ll get coupons in your inbox! And, you’ll get an email before your birthday to redeem for a totally free root beer float!

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