9 Free Sample Boxes by Mail with Free Shipping

9 Free Sample Boxes by Mail with Free Shipping

9 Free Sample Boxes by Mail with Free Shipping

If you’ve followed freeBfinder or Gimmie Freebies for any time, you know we share a ton of free sample boxes! Also, we only share those sample boxes that are 100% totally legit with free shipping. We also avoid anything with hoops to jump through. In other words, we won’t share free trials that you have to enter a credit card and cancel before your sample box trial period is over.

Free Sample Boxes by Mail + Shipped Free

The following websites offer their members free sample boxes. If you’re interested in learning more, check each one out to see how they work.

1. Influenster

If you haven’t joined Influenster, then you need to stop what you’re doing and join! Influenster is free, and every few months they send a box full of free goodies. In your freebie box, you might get free samples, full-size freebies, and coupons. During holidays or to celebrate a specific theme, they send a Voxbox featuring a certain product or theme of products. Write reviews on the products you receive, and they’ll keep sending more!

And, as a bonus, Bazaarvoice TryIt is merging with Influenster. So, if you love TryIt, you’ll want to be sure and dust off your Influenster account (update your profile!) to be ready for what’s to come.

2. PinchMe

You can request a sample box from Pinchme Sample Tuesday! And, not only on Tuesday either, they keep having even more samples throughout the week with the new Pinchme Plus perks! Keep checking back! That’s why this is a great one to join!

3. Daily Goodie Box

They’ll send you a box of freebies, and all you do is let them know what you think. Shipping is totally free, and No credit card is required EVER! Hurry, because they’re sending out Goodie Boxes daily. Sign up and see if you qualify for a Goodie Box!

4. Sample Source

The free SampleSource Box only goes live once every season (spring, summer, winter, fall), so grab yours while you can and tell your friends. Your box of samples will depend on your answers to the brief questionnaire. But, you could get free makeup samples, beauty care, household cleaning, even food and snacks! Try before you buy and save money! Of course, it’s only one order per address or IP address. And, duplicate orders will be removed.

5. House Party (Ripple Street) and Chatterbox

If you’re a freebie lover who knows how to party, then you can apply for all kinds of great freebies at Ripple Street (previously called House Party) and Chatterbox. They reward social people who are willing to host their friends, family, and unsuspecting passersby (okay, maybe not). Basically when there’s a party available you can apply during the open periods of time, and then you’ll be notified if you get in. Then, you’ll be sent a very generous package, some of which are valued at hundreds of dollars! Since this one is a little different than a normal free box of samples, we’ve also included it in our big list of the Top 22 Legit Product Test Panels.

6. Sampler

Head on over and check out the Sampler app, and you’ll be matched with a box of freebies! Then, check back every month for another chance at a free sample box! Shipping is always free. Certainly, this is one freebie you don’t want to miss!

7. Smiley360

Smiley360 is free to join, and offers members “Missions” based on their profiles (demographics such as age, location, family status, etc.). You can apply for Smiley Missions and get some amazing free sample boxes! Their freebies range from single full-size products to a box full of free stuff, which is why I’m including them in this list.

8. BzzAgent

BzzAgent is not my favorite, but I’ll include it here because I know many of my readers like it. The idea is that you’re supposed to create Bzz (buzz) for products by completing tasks like sharing on social media and filling out surveys. They’re legit and they really send stuff, but I’m probably not dedicated enough to keep up.

9. Colgate Bright Smiles for Classrooms

Looking for teacher freebies, take note! If you love free toothpaste, then you need to know about the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures kit! This program has been going on for a long time, because many of our fans have received this package for their classrooms for years. Certainly, Kids need to learn about good dental hygiene. Therefore, Colgate offers this wonderful free package for educators. The package includes free toothpaste samples, toothbrushes, and teaching materials. Fill out the application and your kit will arrive in February.


What’s a Free Sample Box?

Sample boxes range from a box of freebies from big stores like Amazon or Walmart, to subscription boxes from Sample Source, to a whole party in a box from RippleStreet, also known as House Party.

Free subscription boxes are easy to request, and one of the easiest ways to get free samples by mail!

GO NOW and sign up for the ones you want. You must be a member to receive this free box of samples!

Your goodie box might have beauty samples, skincare, haircare, snacks, vitamins or even food! I’ve gotten random things in mine, but all were great. Many of the items were things I wouldn’t have tried without the free sampling.

Of course, trying a new product and loving it is great marketing for them! That’s one reason so many companies offer freebies. And we’re not complaining!

Freebies with No Subscription

There’s nothing to cancel, which is nice because then you don’t have to remember. Even more, if it says there’s no box available to you today, these boxes full of goodies are just randomly and automatically showing up in people’s mailboxes – just for registering!

I’ve received these free subscription boxes a few times already, and I love the products in it! If I can do it, then so can you!

All in all, there’s nothing to cancel, and they don’t ask you for any type of payment method, ever. It’s just free!

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