Free Samples by Mail – How to Get Free Stuff in Your Mailbox

Free Samples by Mail - How to Get Free Stuff in Your Mailbox

Free Samples by Mail – How to Get Free Stuff in Your Mailbox

If you love shopping, then try some of my favorite freebies: free samples by mail. Because, who doesn’t love to try before they buy?

Actually, that’s why I started this free samples website! I wondered, why is it so hard to find free stuff by mail — without a catch? Of course, now my team and I update our site every day. Our team is made up of moms who find quality free stuff and freebies and share with you, our readers. We are the top Samples and Freebies directory online, with thousands of current offers you can request today! We update current free samples by hand on a daily basis, every single day. And, you can request as many samples by mail as you’d like!

So, carefully follow the directions which we’ve shared here on our website, to request each specific free thing.

Step-by-Step, How to Get Free Samples the Easy Way

For example, if you saw us post about a free kindle book on Amazon. You’d want to follow these steps exactly to claim your freebie. Here’s how:

  1. First, find the freebie you want on (our website). Open the post (article) to read more.
  2. Second, carefully read our directions and tips on how to get the free item.
  3. Third, follow the directions exactly, step-by-step.We’re sharing the company who is offering the freebie, and each offer will be different.

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Newest Freebies Online

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Free Christmas Containers!

Free Christmas Containers! Home Tester Club has a new testing opportunity. This one is for free Christmas containers. Good luck to all of you that apply. Remember, it will ship for free and you get to keep the container. Just leave your honest review after you have had a chance to use it. As always, even though product tests aren't guaranteed freebies, they're often more valuable and well worth it! ...
Free Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream Sample!

Free Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream Sample!

Free Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream Sample! Our friends at MySavings have found this great free sample offer for us. Right now you can sign up to get a free Medik8 total moisture daily facial cream from Sampler. I love getting free skincare samples. It helps me decide what works best for my skin. About Medik8 total moisture face cream Instantly plump skin and boost skin barrier function with Medik8’s ...
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Free Wild Alaska Salmon Skins Dog Treats!

Free Wild Alaska Salmon Skins Dog Treats! Our friends at MySavings have found this great free sample offer for us. Right now you can sign up to get a free wild Alaska salmon skin dog treat sample from Alaskins. Samples are limited. About Alaskins Here at AlaSkins, we're passionate about providing your furry friends with the healthiest, most nutritious treats straight from the pristine waters of Alaska. Here are four ...
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Free Moroccanoil Body Serum with Free Shipping

Free Moroccanoil Body Serum with Free Shipping Are you looking for a new nourishing night cream? Look no further than this free sample! Follow our tips and you can get a free sample of Moroccanoil Night Body Serum with free shipping! This oil will firm, smooth, and moisturize your skin while you sleep. It is full of antioxidants that help protect and strengthen your skin. After just 4 weeks of ...
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Free Beach Blanket at Walmart

Free Beach Blanket at Walmart Heading to the beach or the park? If so, you don't want to miss out on this hot offer from Walmart and Top Cash Back! For a limited time, you can score a free Polyester Beach Blanket! Choose from 4 different colors and designs. The Mainstays Outdoor beach blanket measures 50 x 70 inches. It is durable, comfortable, and waterproof. You must be a new ...
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Free 2-Slice Toaster!

Free 2-Slice Toaster! Home Tester Club has a new testing opportunity. This one is for a free 2-slice toaster. You will have the choice of a flower print or a teal color. I actually don't own a toaster. I have always just used my toaster oven but, I'm all about a flower print toaster so I signed up! Good luck to all of you that apply. Remember, it will ship ...
Win a Mini Fridge, Pool Float, Retro Speaker & More Instantly from Snapple!

Win a Mini Fridge, Pool Float, Retro Speaker & More Instantly from Snapple!

Win a Mini Fridge, Pool Float, Retro Speaker & More Instantly from Snapple! Hey, our friends at MySavings found this fun Snapple instant win game for us! It is a spin to win. Those are so fun! There is a chance to win one of 2,350 prizes. I have a special place in my house for that Snapple mini fridge! You can enter daily on this one. Good luck! Prize(s): ...
Get Ready! Win Earplugs - Daily Entry

Get Ready! Win Earplugs – Daily Entry

Enter Daily - Win Earplugs Are there times when a set of earplugs would be needed? Enter this daily entry for a possible win of a set of earplugs in the Mack's Ear Plugs. There are times when you need to mute the noise around you. The contest runs Monday through Friday at 11 am EST, and you can enter each day for a chance to win. Mack's is a ...
Woman researching family history on tablet with Ancestry ad.

How to Score 2 Weeks Free at

Wait, What?! The craziest thing happened to me. We sent in my dad's AncestryDNA test and found that his siblings were only his HALF-siblings. This was so unbelievable... and scandalous! There was no way this could be true of my family. They were devoutly religious and I knew them better than that! No way! Did I mention how impossible this was? I honestly believed that it was a mistake. I ...

How to Get Free Stuff By Mail

If you’re looking for stuff you can get for nothing, then this is the place for you! Unlike other so-called sample sites, we share real freebies such as baby samples, product without surveys, and magazines from which you’ll never get a bill. Companies give away their product because it’s the best way for them to advertise! Some contact us directly, and ask us to share with our fans. Other times we find offers because we spend all our time looking! And, with a team of dedicated folks who love not only getting stuff but also finding and sharing free stuff, we are the best resource for you. Just browse through this website and find things you want.

The Best Freebies by Mail

We add new gifts every day, such as gift cards, makeup, beauty, haircare, perfume, diapers and baby formula. And, we share the best freebies FIRST – both here and on social media! And finding free product samples FIRST is important, because many offers are limited. So, follow a website that is constantly updated with free stuff (like this one!) by the world’s best freebie finders!

In other words, we have the best things you can get 100% no charge, no shipping, and no hoops to jump through. We find new freebies and share them every day. Get free baby samples & stuff by mail and totally free stuff for kids by mail.

Or, if you want free coffee, k cups, dog food, cat food, razor, skincare, for mens & womens freebies, laundry soap, hair dye, Disney gifts, beauty supplies, diapers, we have them too. After that, request your free coupons, full size products, snacks, toothbrushes, toothpaste and almost anything you can think of.

We share the best freebies by mail. And, it’s all 100% free. So, take a look at what you can get! Then, read each offer and sign up today!

Join our Facebook groups, and get updates when we find new free stuff. And, get instant freebie alerts so you don’t miss any new freebies!

More than Just Free Samples

And it doesn’t stop there! In other words, we not only find free things by mail, we also find product tests and full-size freebies that companies want to send you, grocery coupons for freebies to pick up while shopping at stores near near you, no cost entertainment that you family can enjoy together!

Next, we also find great giveaways, such as sweepstakes and contests. And as a result, you can win even bigger free prizes! Lastly, we share new product samples and product tests which are also not guaranteed to everyone, but are much higher value than the free giveaways that everyone can claim.

So, there are lots of ways to get free stuff. Of course, we also love Recipes and Crafts! We have a clearance and discount site, as well as a Gift Guide! Finally, to find free things simply browse our site or use the search bar.

Freebie Site Scams to Avoid

If being the biggest and best list of free things online wasn’t enough, we also protect our members by warning you of scam and fake freebies to avoid, and sites that will make you jump through hoops and you’ll never get anything.

If you find yourself doing endless surveys to get freebies, then you’re doing it wrong. Be sure to read our informative how to in our How to Find Freebies Online page.

For example, some people believe that you can comment on a post on Facebook and someone will magically send you something free. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. (lol)

Okay, Smarty Pants, then How Do You Get Real Free Stuff?

Getting something for nothing is not just a pipe dream. I’ve heard the saying, “nothing in life is free…” but I have boxes and boxes of things I’ve gotten for nothing that would say otherwise. That saying is just not true.

So, what’s the catch? If you want to get technical, you are agreeing to try the sample and it’s helping the company market to you and people like you. That’s the catch. Is that so bad? I sure don’t think so!

We have several recommendations to set yourself up before you freebie in our Tips for Getting Started with Freebies article. Such as, creating another email address and an alternative phone number. Both are completely free. By doing this, you can save your primary email account from being overwhelmed with messages, and you’ll never get called — unless you want to. That gives an extra layer of protection to your privacy and time.

How to Get Anything Free: I wrote the book (And I’m giving it away!)

Yep, I literally wrote the book on free stuff. My book sells on Amazon for a few bucks, but since we’re friends and this is about free stuff I will GIVE you my book for nothing! Just sign up to see all the fun new free stuff we find every day in your email, and I’ll send you my book. Make sure to confirm your email subscription. Next, you’ll get an email to get the book. Then, you can read up on how this all works and start fill up your mailbox with goodies too.

Don’t wait! It’s a super fun hobby. And while you’re at it, join all of the freebie lovers in our FB Groups!

Who doesn’t love free?!

I’m sure there’s one in every crowd, but why not try before you buy? It’s not difficult, it’s simple. And, we’ve made it easy for you.

At, we find all the best Free Samples from companies who want to promote their products to consumers just like you! Discount and no-charge stuff has been around for ages and its for all ages, from baby freebies to senior discounts!

One last word to the skeptics, I know how you feel. I felt the same way. That’s literally why I started this website. I was so sick of jumping through hoops and taking endless surveys to end up with nothing!!

That’s how I figured out some offers are scams. I taught my team and members how to spot a freebie scam to keep everyone safe. And, I’ve taught countless freebie lovers how to find freebies online, in person and everything in between.

It’s a beautiful thing! Join us!

Don’t miss another freebie! Get Instant Freebie Alerts here! Find the Newest Freebies posted here! Then, JOIN all of our FB Groups!


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