FREE Duracell Batteries!

FREE Duracell Batteries! Don’t miss this freebie! So often times freebies are small samples that might last for one or two uses. This is a whole case of batteries! And, they’re name-brand Duracell batteries. Not too shabby! This deal includes  AA and AAA Duracell 16 and 24 pack of batteries. Side note: why does Adam … Read more

Free 12 Pack of Sharpie Markers

Free 12 Pack of Sharpie Markers Sharpie markers are a staple in every home, office, or school. From making art projects to labeling boxes, these markers are versatile and come in a variety of colors. However, buying a pack of Sharpie markers can be pricey, which is why Staples has an amazing deal for you! … Read more

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