Easy! FREE Can of Spindrift Sparkling Water, Shipped Free

Free Spindrift Sparkling Water – Shipped (SMAS)

This one is back! You may recognize this sample from last year. Free Spindrift Sparkling Water is a free sampling offer from the sampling program called “Send Me A Sample”. You will have two choices.

Right now they are giving away Spindrift strawberry lemonade or lemon limeaid. Just head on over and request yours! If you are new to Send me a Sample, keep reading on how to claim yours.

This one will be for the first 30,000 people to request it and it’s easy! Whenever you see a brand featuring the Send Me a Sample logo on Amazon, just say “Alexa, Send Me a Sample” and your product sample of choice will be delivered straight to your door, completely free.

Free Spindrift Samples

Free Spindrift Sparkling Water (30,000 samples)

Only available to US residents.


If our Strawberry Lemonade were a band…

Lemon would be on drums, lime would lay down the bass, and strawberry would come in with a jaw-dropping guitar solo. We started with our take on lemonade with a splash of lime, and threw ripe, juicy strawberries into the mix. Together, this trio makes for an unforgettable performance you’ll keep coming back to.

Fall in love with lemonade. Again.

From roadside stands to porch-side pitchers, the very thought of Lemonade evokes warm memories of all the ways you used to enjoy this simple slice of Americana.

We had all that in mind when we created this modern twist: start with lemon, add a twist of lime, bring on the bubbles, skip the sugar (unsweetened because nostalgia is sweet enough). Voila, Llemonade upgrade.

How to Get a Free Sample from Alexa

Of course, you have to set it up first. But, that’s pretty easy too. If you’re wondering, how do I set up Send Me A Sample, then don’t miss our article here. It’s for iPhones (iOS) and Google Android. And, you can use Amazon Alexa. You don’t even need any special equipment. You can use your phone! You only need to set this up once.

Then, you’ll be ready to order samples any time they become available! Keep in mind that offers are limited, so be quick. Also, when signing up, the address order is different than we typically see so pay careful attention to which field you’re entering.

Learn more about the free Spindrift sparkling water.

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