FREE Starbucks Drink & Reusable Cup on Birthday

FREE Starbucks Drink & Reusable Cup with Purchase

FREE Starbucks Drink & Reusable Cup on Birthday

If you love Starbucks, then don’t miss this HOT offer for free drinks and a free reusable Starbucks cup.

How to Get a Free Starbucks on Your Birthday

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Starbucks is giving a Free Starbucks when you register and enter your birthday in your Starbucks app! Your coupon will be automatically added to your account around your birthday. So, you can redeem it and enjoy a free Starbucks coffee!

Brewed coffee & tea refills on Starbucks

Rewards members also get free refills!

More Caffè Verona® Blend, please. We’re happy to refill your hot cup while you’re in the store. Just ask!

What are Starbucks Stars Worth?

Typically, customers earn either one or two stars for every dollar spent at Starbucks. For example, a Grande size coffee earns either 2 or 4 stars and costs $2.10 (varies by location).

Remember, you can start redeeming with as little as 25 Stars. And, 50 Stars is redeemable for a free basic drink! (Some higher-end, craft beverages require 150 points which would only take six refills with the new point system and reusable cup.)

Starbucks birthday freebies?

Rewards members also get a free treat on their birthday! Every year on your birthday get a free drink or food item of your choice.


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