Free Stock Certificates: Top 4 Ways to Get Free Stocks with NO Deposit

Free Stock Certificates: Top 4 Ways to Get Free Stocks with NO Deposit

While there are plenty of places to buy stock online, not many offer totally free stock with no strings attached. I’ve rounded up my top recommendations and favorite places to get free stock. And, I’ve been using each of these for over a year, so I can vouch that they’re 100% legit.

For several years, the stock market has been what they call a bull market. That means prices are high and holding. But, for the past few months things have changed. For example, the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, and subsequent quarantine and bailout, and economic stimulus package, have all taken their toll on the economy. The stock market saw some of the lowest levels in history, and even had to be temporarily stopped one morning last month because of fear of a stock market crash. So, you might wonder if now is a good time to get a free stock? The answer is absolutely, yes!

Why Now is the Best Time to get Free Stock

With the stock market at all-time lows over the past few months, now is a great time to get in on the action. Because, some experts are predicting it may take a year or more for the economy to bounce back. But, when it does, stock prices will go back up. So, if you get in low, then you will earn money when values go up!

Webull Free Stock Certificates

Firstly, my favorite place to get free stock certificates is Webull. The reason Webbull is my favorite is because I’ve earned the most free money there. However, they changed from not requiring a deposit to get the free stock, to now requiring one. Actually, the only place that does on this list.

With Webull, you’ll get a stock certificate valued somewhere between $15 – $1500, just for joining. In other words, you’ll get a free stock when you sign up. There is no deposit required with Webull. However, you’ll also get more free stock if you do make a deposit, which is totally optional. You can also refer friends and you’ll both get totally free stock certificates.

When I joined, I got a free stock worth $12. And, through referrals I’ve scored several more – the two best were Apple and Facebook. My portfolio there is currently valued at around $1,400!! They advertise that your free stock could be worth up to $1,400 each.

Firstrade Free Stock

Secondly, when you join Firsttrade, they’ll give you free stock just for signing up. No deposit is required to get your signup bonus with Firsttrade. Since Webull changed, that makes Firstrade my #1 choice now.

And, you will earn free stocks when you refer friends. They, too, do not need to deposit to get their signup bonus. And, when a friend joins with your link, then you will both get free stock.

When I joined I got a free stock in Ford! And, I’ve referred a few people and got more free stocks valued between $5 and $50. They advertise that you can get one up to $200.


Dough Free Stocks

dough is the online broker radically challenging the status quo and changing wealth creation. No deposit is required to get free stocks!

Robinhood Gives Free Stocks

Finally, Robinhood will give you free stocks for signing up and for referring friends. With Robinhood, you’ll need to link your bank account in order to get your first signup bonus stock. However, you can refer friends and earn free stocks and never have to make a deposit. They advertise that you can get one up to $200.


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