Free Dr Seuss The Lorax Activity Book for Earth Day

Free Dr Seuss The Lorax Poster for Earth Day

If you’d love to teach your kids to be stewards of our planet, then grab this freebie! Teach your child to help save energy and money.

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This activity book is one of ENERGY STAR’s most sought after publications, and it is available for free to schools and classrooms across the country. Whether you’re looking for an educational and stimulating summer activity for your kids, or would like to stock your classroom with engaging back-to-school workbooks, the Lorax Activity Book has you covered!

About The Lorax

The Lorax is about a funny-looking creature who lives in the woods. But, it’s really about caring for the environment. It’s written by Theodore Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. In the story, the Lorax wants to protect the truffula trees from being cut down because, for one thing, trees are home to many animals who need them.

When a man called the Once-ler comes to the forest and starts to chop down the trees, the Lorax tries to stop him. Onceler wants to make Thneeds, which he says are things people think they need. But chopping down all the trees hurts the forest. In the end, the story teaches us to think about nature. We learn why it’s important to look after our planet.

How to get Free Lorax Activity Books

EnergyStar is giving away Free Lorax Helper Checklist posters. In the past these have been free to order and receive through the mail. At the moment, they’re only available for download so you can get them instantly and print. And, have in time for Earth Day!

Sometimes these posters are available to be mailed free. If the paper copies aren’t in stock, you can still download them immediately. You can print out these 20″ x 30″ posters (or print on regular-size paper). They’d be a great addition to any classroom, but are suggested for 3rd – 7th graders. Also, they’d be perfect to use as an Earth Day handout!

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