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Free Tootsie Roll Candy at Albertsons, Tom Thumb and Randalls Freeosk

Free Tootsie Roll Candy

Free Tootsie Roll Candy

If you are going to be out and about, don’t forget to stop by your local Albertsons, Randalls, or Tom Thumb Stores. They are now part of the Freeosk Program. Check with your local store for participation. This week’s free item is Tootsie Rolls.

You can pick up Tootsie Rolls right away at your local store’s Freeosk free kiosk. Sometimes, waiting for freebies to arrive in the mail can seem like an eternity. That’s why I love the easy freebies you can get right now! It’s like instant freebie gratification! So, if you’re headed to Albertson, Randalls, or Tom Thumb this week, then stop by the Freeosk at your participating store and see what freebies are available to you!

When can I pick up my free samples?

So, starting on February 15, your local Albertson, Randalls, or Tom Thumb Freeosk will have Tootsie Rolls available totally free! Don’t wait, because this one ends on February 21.

What’s a Freeosk?

You can only get these free items in-store at Albertson, Randalls, or Tom Thumb which have the freeosk machine. Not all Albertson, Randalls or Tom Thumb’s will have these “free kiosks”. So, check the free app’s location finder to verify whether or not they have a Freeosk’s in your store. This is an excellent way to try before you buy! Get a sample without having to purchase a full-size package. Read our Freeosk review to learn more.

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