Free USA Israel Flag Pin + Free Shipping [Got Mine!]

Free USA Israel Flag Pin + Free Shipping [Verified Received]

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a charity that will send you this lovely free USA and Israel flag pin in the mail – just for asking!

This is one of the first freebies I ever got. It’s a nice lapel pin that depicts the American flag and Isreal’s flag. I can’t say I’ve ever actually worn it, but it’s a nice heavy piece of jewelry. Why would you want a pin with two flags on it? Well, obviously, if you support Isreal you would.

Or, if you collect pins or buttons, you might want to add this pin to a jacket or backpack. I know when I’ve gone shopping with my teenager, buttons and pins can cost a lot! They’re kind of a trend too, especially at stores like Hot Topic and Box Lunch. It doesn’t really matter what you do with it, it’s yours and it’s free with free shipping.

So, head on over and request your free United States flag and Israel flag lapel pin. Although they ask for a donation, no donation is actually required. It’s optional.

You can show your solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people by requesting your FREE US-Israel Flag Pin. Wear it proudly everywhere you go to show your unwavering support of Israel and Her people.



In addition to the free USA and Israel flag pin, there’s also a free Canada & Israel flag pin which is available for Canadians to request here.

What is the IFCJ

The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a group that helps both Christians and Jews. They give things like food and medicine to people who need it. They do this all over the world, including Israel, where a lot of Jewish people live.


We post all legit freebies and let you decide which you’d like to get. Posting in no way suggests an endorsement by this website. Please do not comment with personal attacks, religion, politics, or proselytizing. If this particular offer isn’t for you, please feel free to pass. We’ll still love ya! Thanks!

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